Nottingham’s first breastfeeding cafe open for business

Arnold’s ‘Milk Lounge’ has become Nottinghamshire’s first official breastfeeding cafe.

Opening on Wednesday, the purpose built business is designed to make the lives of parents with babies much easier when they visit the area.

It is also the first to be approved as ‘breast feeding-friendly’ by a Gedling Borough Council scheme.

Owner and director of The Milk Lounge Charlotte Purdie, is a mother herself and is excited about the “completely family-orientated” cafe opening its doors.

I think every town should have one

She said: “Here we’ve got a buggy park, toys on every table to keep the little ones entertained, a comfort room for breastfeeding mums and breastfeeding support to help mums gain confidence with more rooms and groups lined up in the future.

“I think that every town should have one so that everybody can access one and I’d like to see The Milk Lounge grow itself in the future.

“If there are places that we are not able to reach, I hope that other businesses do pick up on it and provide that space for them.”


It’s important that they’re not judged

The cafe has already had a positive reception to the opening of it’s doors from customers.

Samantha Newsome, a mother from Mapperley who has visited the cafe, said: “It’s really important that there is somewhere where new mums who are beginning to breastfeed or have been breast feeding for a while have got somewhere where they feel confident.

“It’s important that they feel that they’re not going to be judged.

“I used to work and support parents in my previous job, who did breastfeed and a lot of parents would come in tears because they’d been to a place and been asked to breastfeed in a toilet or put themselves away.”

Once people see what’s happening there will be more interest

Henry Wheeler, portfolio holder for housing health and wellbeing at Gedling Borough Council, said: “We’ve been planning for the last 12 months to make this a reality in the borough and Gedling Borough council is the first district in Nottinghamshire to pilot a breast feeding friendly initiative.

“Our leisure centres have already been accredited as breast feeding friendly and this is the next stage as we’re working with partners and local businesses to try and get as many partners on board.

“I think once people see what is happening in The Milk Lounge, there will be more interest in the breast feeding friendly businesses because it’s unique and offers a place where people can feel comfortable.”


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