Nottingham’s Sherrie Hewson finds ‘theatre most frightening’ at Theatre Royal pantomime launch

Video: Oh yes she is! Kate Chaplin speaks to Sherrie Hewson launching the pantomime

The star of this year’s pantomime The Beauty and the Beast at Theatre Royal says she finds ‘theatre the most frightening’ form of performance.

Sherrie Hewson, born in Burton Joyce, is playing Mrs Potts and the Theatre Royal officially launched their pantomime today.

Interviewing Sherrie at the Theatre Royal

Sherrie said: “I’m just happy to be back in my home city of Nottingham – when I look out, I have a memory on every single street in Nottingham.

“From being a child to being a teenager going to the nightclubs and then going off to London, I remember it all.

“After all the stuff I’ve done, theatre is still the most frightening – people call it adrenaline but I call it fear!

Kate Chaplin speaking to Sherrie Hewson

“You feel it every time you go out – the thing is with theatre, when you do it twice a day you can change things and on telly, you can’t.

“The Beauty and the Beast is the most wonderful story and I’m playing Mrs Potty – in the film she’s a teapot but I’m not going to be wearing a teapot!

“I wouldn’t have minded rocking a teapot as I’m a big tea fan.”