Majority of Nottinghamshire MPs want to remain in EU

MPs will debate amendments in the House of Commons for seven hours with a final vote being held at 8pm.

Nine out of 11 Nottinghamshire MPs would prefer the United Kingdom to stay in the EU, a register of early declarations has shown.

The two remaining of MPs are officially listed as decided.

The referendum taking place on Thursday, June 23 will ask UK citizens if they want to stay in the European Union, or leave.

This is on the back of Prime Minister David Cameron renegotiating a deal with fellow EU leaders in an attempt to obtain a more suitable deal for the UK, although compromises were made.


Writing in his MP update, Nottingham East MP Chris Leslie said: “My view is that we should remain in the EU because it is the best framework for European trade and co-operation in the 21st century.

“The EU helps create an economic environment enhancing job opportunities, growth and investment – as well as working to protect British workers and consumers.

“Leaving the EU could put all of that at risk and diminish our influence in the world.”

We will have stronger democracy if we leave

Opponents of the EU say leaving will enable the UK to “trade with a new ferocity in the growing markets of the world,” according to Bedford Labour MP Richard Fuller.

He said: “My head and my heart tell me that our future is better and more secure if we vote to leave the EU.

“We will also have a stronger democratic future and we will be able to draw on all the world’s talents equally and without prejudice.

“In many cases, we have allowed ourselves to take a back seat in international business, permitting the European Union to take a ponderous lead, hoping that our country’s priorities can somehow be fitted into the same bargain alongside those of Germany, France and 25 other countries.”

Nottinghamshire MPs’ views on whether the UK should remain in the EU or leave

Ashfield – Gloria De Piero (Lab) – Remain

Bassetlaw – John Mann (Lab) – Not declared

Broxtowe – Anna Soubry (Con) – Remain

Gedling – Vernon Coaker (Lab) – Remain

Mansfield – Alan Meale (Lab) – Remain

Newark – Robert Jenrick (Con) – Not declared

Nottingham East – Chris Leslie (Lab) – Remain

Nottingham North – Graham Allen (Lab) – Remain

Nottingham South – Lilian Greenwood (Lab) – Remain

Rushcliffe – Kenneth Clarke (Con) – Remain

Sherwood – Mark Spencer (Con) – Remain

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