Nottinghamshire YouTube star, 80, creates hit Brexit music video ‘to boost Britain up a bit’

An 80-year-old Nottinghamshire YouTube star’s music video about Brexit has captured the imagination of thousands of people and fired political debate.

Retired Peter Parsons, 80, is known for his catchy songs which he writes himself and sings to camera in clips which have racked up almost 40,000 total views so far.

His latest creation, The Brexit Song, (We’ll Be Strong) is by far his most successful to date, with 27,000 views in its first two weeks.

Wearing a suit and tie covered in Union Jacks, Peter sings lines including “we’re going around in circles, we don’t know where to go, and we don’t need nobody else to trade around the world,” and “Brexit, oooh Brexit, we’re leaving the European single market”.

“I thought we need a song to boost the country up a bit and help the process,” said Peter.

“Now we’ve voted to come out, it needed something to keep it going. I’ve always take risks [creatively] all my life really.”

Video: Peter Parsons on Notts Tonight – ‘I always take risks’

Some of his other songs include Gone to the Dogs, and The Return of Robin Hood.

Just over 170 people have so far ‘liked’ The Brexit Song online – but more than 530 have clicked the ‘dislike’ button to signal their disapproval.

“I think some of the dislikes are from people who have done videos and don’t like it and are maybe trying to push me down a little bit,” added Peter.

“I’ve also done a new musical play about Robin Hood, I’ve brought him back into the 21st Century.”