Cancer ‘selfie’ survivor has TWINS

A Nottingham breast cancer survivor whose ‘no make-up selfie’ went viral last year has given birth to healthy twin girls after receiving the news she had beaten the disease.

Christina Djebah, of St Anns, shot to Facebook fame after a photo she posted revealing her bald head gained over 9,000 shares and 300,000 likes.

The 31-year-old’s post on the social media site came about when she was in the middle of aggressive treatment for breast cancer and now nine months after being given the all clear, Christina is a mum to two daughters.

christina                                                              Image: Christina’s original ‘no make-up selfie’ that went viral in 48 hours.

After going through months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it was New Year’s Eve when Christina was getting ‘glammed’ up that she decided to bare all for the selfie without her wig to inspire others who may be suffering like she was.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2013, the Slimming World consultant said she was nervous to post the photo as no one apart from her family had seen her without her wig before.

‘No make-up selfie’ campaign

With women across the UK taking to Facebook and Twitter to post their bare faced pictures, the campaign from last year was able to raise more than £8 million in its first six days and has since gone on to raise more.

“I had the picture for a couple of weeks and thought about posting it lots of times, so when the Facebook selfies started I thought this was the perfect opportunity and everyone was really supportive of it,” said Christina.

“I couldn’t believe the response- my phone just kept pinging.”

christinaa                                                                                          Image: What a difference a year has made to Christina. 


It was before she became an internet sensation that Christina met her husband, Erovwon, who she married in June last year after a whirlwind summer romance.

After dating for only a few weeks, Christina had to break the devastating news to her partner that she had been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.

A few months later they were married and are now parents to Esmee and Deseree, both six days old.

“I thought it would be hit or miss telling him about the cancer,” said Christina.

“He has been amazing, he has stood by me and we have got through this together.

“Erovwon proposing really spurred me on and gave me the push to get through my last session of chemotherapy.”


                                                                                        Image: Erovwon and Christina hold their newborn twins.

Christina discovered she was pregnant three months after marrying Erovwon after many doctors telling her she may never be able to have children.

Just two weeks later, Christina was told she was cancer free, something she describes as a “double blessing.”

christinad                                                                                                                 Image: Christina tucks in her daughter.

“I am a very proud Dad,” says Erovwon.

“Having gone through everything we have, this is all just such a blessing- we never thought we would get this far.

“We are so happy- Christina smiles a lot now.”


                                                                                               Image: Christina is enjoying a life free from cancer.

Having already beaten a life threatening disease, started a family and gained a huge online following by the age of 31, Christina has a lot of plans for the future and wants to help others going through what she did.

“I’m really excited for the future and thinking about helping others.

“If there is anyone else out there in my situation who wants to have children, I would say just keep your faith.

“Even if the doctors say one thing just keep believing.”

Don’t forget to tune into Notts TV News tonight at 5.30 or 6pm to hear Christina’s full story.

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