Notts expert welcomes tougher fines for speeding drivers coming into force today


A Nottinghamshire road safety expert has welcomed tougher fines for speeding drivers which come into force today.

Magistrates now have the power to fine motorists 150 per cent of their weekly income rather than the previous level of 100 per cent under the new guidelines.

Those caught driving at more than 101 mph in a 70 mph speed limit could be disqualified for up to 56 days and get a fine of up to 175 per cent of their relevant weekly income.

The minimum penalty for speeding in the UK is currently a £100 fine and three penalty points on your driving licence and the maximum is a £1,000 fine or £2,500 for motorway offences.

The majority of drivers breaking the speed limit will still receive the same fixed penalty but excessive speeders will see a big jump in their fines.

Scott Talbot, service manager at Nottingham City Council’s Road Safety Centre says the new fines will help to reflect the cost excessive speeding has on local residents.

Mr Talbot said: “We welcome the new fines and believe they are more representative of the problems caused by high-end speeding.

“Excessive speeding has a big impact on local residents who don’t want cars speeding past them in the city.

“We hope the new maximum fines will discourage speeders and help to reduce this completely dangerous and anti-social behaviour.”

AA president Edmund King says hitting speeders with the higher fines is an effective way to penalise offenders.

He said: “There is simply no excuse for excessive and dangerous speeding on our roads and responsible drivers will welcome the changes coming into force today.

“The majority of drivers who keep to the correct speed, as well as, driving to the conditions, won’t be affected – it is only those who deliberately drive dangerously who will end up in court.

“There is no sensible reason for driving 51 mph or more in a 30 mph zone; it is only right that these extreme offenders are punished severely and we hope the changes encourage them to think twice about speeding.”

Gary Rae, campaigns director for road safety charity Brake, said: “Toughening the fines and penalties for speeding is long overdue.

“As a charity that offers a support service to families bereaved and injured in road crashes, we see every day the consequences of speeding on our roads.

“I hope that magistrates ensure the new sentences are consistently applied.”

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