Notts MPs could defy party line again and vote against Brexit negotiation bill

MPs will debate amendments in the House of Commons for seven hours with a final vote being held at 8pm.

Two Nottinghamshire MPs could vote against the Government’s plans for a Brexit strategy again today – defying instructions from their own party.

Conservative MPs Ken Clarke and Anna Soubry will join MPs in The House of Commons to debate the formal process of leaving the European Union this afternoon.

Members will vote on a bill which gives the Government power to start the formal process of leaving the European Union – up to two years of negotiations under under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

MPs will debate amendments for seven hours with a final vote being held at 8pm on Wednesday.

Ken Clarke said he will follow his constituents’ – who voted to leave in the referendum – wishes.

Mr Clarke, MP for Rushcliffe, has repeatedly said he will be following his constituents’ wishes – as Rushcliffe overall voted remain in the EU referendum.

The Commons will debate the final set of amendments later before the bill goes to its third and final reading.

Issues being debated include whether or not to let EU nationals stay in the UK and other key principles to do with the negotiation process.

MPs yesterday rejected a bid by Nottingham East Labour MP Chris Leslie to force the government to consult Parliament on the deal struck with the EU before it is finalised.

Seven Conservative MPs also rebelled, including Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry.

In a speech on Tuesday afternoon, Ms Soubry said: “I have never been disloyal to my Government – I have always been true and loyal to them.

“In this instance, however, I think that new clause 110 embodies admirable objectives.

“Anyone would think that the new clause was revolutionary – all it would do is ensure that whatever happens, be it a deal or something else, Parliament must approve it – and I certainly support my Government and my Prime Minister in all their efforts to secure that deal.”

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