Passengers ‘bemused’ as undercover ticket inspectors appear on Nottingham trams

Several passengers have expressed surprise after spotting plain-clothed ticket inspectors on Nottingham trams this week.

Nottingham Express Transit (NET), which runs the network, and said the presence of plain-clothed ticket inspectors is nothing new.

But some people said they had only noticed the tactic for the first time in the early days of May, with others saying they were surprised the company uses the method.

A NET spokesperson said: “The use of plain clothes Travel Officers is one of a number of ticket checking activities that we use on a regular basis.

“It’s nothing new and has been common practice ever since the network opened.”

One tram user contacted NET on Twitter asking if the presence of plain-clothed inspectors was ‘correct’.

The company responded by explaining that NET is running a “plain clothed ticket check survey” and that all ticket inspectors carry NET ID should passengers wish to see it.


Another tram user who did not wish to be named, said:”I was on the tram last week, travelling from Nottingham station to Old Market Square and was asked to present my tram ticket by someone not wearing a uniform.

“He was wearing black trousers with a grey jumper and a black body warmer, I could not see any forms of identification on his clothing.

“As a regular user of the tram I am used to having to present my ticket when travelling and I am always more than happy to do so.

“However I was a little shocked to see that this method of checking tickets was being used and other passengers around me also expressed their bemusement.”