Photographer taking 500 hauntingly beautiful pictures of Nottingham strangers

"I wish 2017 is a successful one."

A photographer has spent the last two months taking photos of strangers in Nottingham.

The project, called ‘Strangers of Nottingham’ aims to capture passers-by in haunting detail.

Crash Taylor asks each one to give him a single wish – but unusually does not take their names.

He started snapping portraits on October 4 and has photographed 140 strangers so far, but his ambitions are much greater than that.

“I plan to photograph 500”, he said. “When the project is complete, I plan on having an exhibition in the city centre and a book launch with all proceeds going to the charity, Save the Children.”

“I wish that everyone’s dreams come true.”

He says he started the project to break out of his comfort zone and meet strangers, to find out what people wish for in today’s urban society.

He added: “So far it has been highly engaging and besides taking portraits, I have made new friends and business contacts through the project.”

Crash was born in Los Angeles to British parents and his father is from Nottingham – which he says makes the city a ‘second home’.

He added: “I have taken photos in Los Angeles, New York, Helsinki, Spain, Italy, Hawaii, Estonia and many other places and nothing compares to the stylish characters of Nottingham.

“I love shooting pictures in the city centre, it is so vibrant and a massive melting pot of visually cool people.

“I select people who I find visually cool and interesting. That could be anyone but I let my eyes guide me. I must be doing something right as nine out of ten say yes to a photo.”

“I wish there was a cure for dementia.”

The project is part of an MA degree Crash is taking at Falmouth University and he plans on broadening the project in the new year.

“I plan on expanding the project into other UK cities next year and have a documentary in the works, which will take place here in Nottingham.

Crash Taylor in action.

“Photography is my passion and my wife thinks I should go to rehab for it. It will never happen, I enjoy the addiction.”

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