Ping-pong governing body starts new initiative to get businesses playing the sport

table tennis trinity square

Following the success of their ‘Ping!’ festival, Table Tennis England are now hoping to get ping-pong tables in offices as well as on the high street.

Ping! is in its second successive year in Nottingham and has seen 18 free to use ping-pong tables placed in and around the city in locations such as Nottingham Castle and Forest Recreation Ground.

But now the company behind it are hoping to take it one step further by introducing the sport to businesses up and down the country with their ‘Loop’ initiative.

Julie Snowdon, Marketing and Media Officer for Ping! believes ‘Loop’ can really benefit people in the workplace.

She said: “The benefits are manifold. Ping pong is a great stress buster; and unlike most other physical activity, a game of table tennis requires no change of clothes, so you’ll be ready for the afternoon revitalised and buzzing, not feeling hot and sweaty and rushed.

Table tennis is uniquely inclusive; you don’t need to have any level of fitness or ability to play and enjoy the game.

Julie Snowdon, Marketing and Media Officer for Ping!

“No special kit or footwear is required; making it ideal as a workplace activity.”

She also wants to quash any theories that ‘Loop’ could stop the more relied upon businesses from doing their job to the full extent, she said: “The businesses we talk to tell us that this isn’t a problem.

“Common sense prevails and office etiquette is observed so you play before work, during the lunch break and after work so as not to disturb colleagues. Unless of course the ‘big boss’ wants a game!”

They’ve had a lot of interest all across the country from businesses including some based in Nottingham.

According to the latest statistics from Sport England’s Active People Survey, 101,000 people play table tennis and Table Tennis England are hoping to improve on that figure with the launch of ‘Loop’. For more information visit


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