Police issue warning after spate of warm weather burglaries in Nottingham

Police sat thieves are getting in through windows left insecure or on flat roofs. (Pictured posed)

Police have warned people not to leave windows open and doors unlocked after a spate of burglaries in warm weather.

Notts Police say there has been a rise in the number of burglaries in the areas of Forest Fields and Basford in the last month – and there were two on Monday (June 12).

In one case a thief entered a home through a ground floor window left open overnight. They stole car keys and then drove off in the car parked outside.

And in New Basford one thief got into a home through an open first floor window after climbing on to a roof.

Police say several other burglaries have taken place recently, where front or back doors have been left unlocked when the occupant has been at home – and thieves entered and stole laptops and handbags.

Inspector Rob Fisher says similar incidents are happening in Radford and about 50 per cent are preventable if people lock windows and doors when they go out.

There have not been any burglaries since Monday and last week someone was arrested, charged and remanded in custody for a burglary near Forest Fields.

Last weekend another person was arrested for a burglary in the same area before being released as officers pursue the investigation.

The news comes as forecasters predict temperatures will reach 26 degrees on Saturday and 27 on Sunday – meaning people are likely to leave windows open in the humidity to cool down.

Insp Fisher said: “We want people to enjoy the nice weather but if you’re in the back garden make sure the front door is locked and windows round the house where they can’t be seen are closed.

“We’ve noticed a rise in the type of crime. If 50 per cent of these incidents are preventable through locking windows and doors when people are in the house, then that’s saving them significant stress and inconvenience.

“It’s a very unpleasant thing when an intruder’s been in somebody’s house and stolen property.

“Clearly people want to open windows for ventilation but if they are going out or going to bed at night, make sure the ground floor window is closed.

“Thieves will come along knock on the door and, if there’s no reply, have a further look round the property. If the ground floor window is open it’s very easy to climb through and steal.”

He added: “Equally we have some burglaries where often a bathroom window has been left open just above a flat or low roof. And thieves have been climbing on the low roofs and gaining access through the window and stealing property from inside.”

The force also advises people against leaving laptops, mobile phones and valuable items on show, and keys put away in a cupboard or drawer.

More information on how to prevent burglaries can be found on the force’s website.

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