Theresa May visits Nottingham Dunelm in last bid for votes in battleground county

Prime Minister Theresa May made her third visit to Nottinghamshire in less than three months in the final hours of campaigning for the General Election.

Party leaders are frantically travelling up and down the country ahead of the polls opening at 7am on Thursday morning.

One of the Conservative leader’s stops on her last tour was Nottingham South, where she visited the new Dunelm outlet on Queen’s Drive at 3pm on Wednesday (June 7).

Her visit was in support of Tory candidate Jane Hunt, who is fighting to win the seat from Labour’s Lilian Greenwood.

TV star Ross Kemp had earlier visited the area on Tuesday (June 6) to lend support to Ms Greenwood, who has pledged to fight for funding in education.

“We are putting record sums of money in and will continue to do so (in schools). Some parts of the country get twice the money per head than in some other parts and we need a fairer system. No school will miss out with their budget being cut in cash terms,” she told Notts TV.

“One of the advantages of an election campaign is that it gives me more time to get out and about and that’s what I enjoy.

“It’s what I do but when people come to vote, it’s a simple choice of who they want to see taking this country into those Brexit negotiations and who wants to build. I have a plan for a stronger Britain because I believe in Britain and in the British people.”

Ms Greenwood has earlier pointed to Government plans to change how money is spent through the National Schools Funding Formula as evidence schools will lose funding.

“It’s about the future of our children – we know we’ve got Brexit coming and it’s more important than ever that our kids get the very best possible start in life, that they get the education and the skills that they need. Every single school in Nottingham South is set to lose under the Tories,” she said last week.

Lilian Greenwood.

“On average, across all the schools in Nottingham South, they will lose £584 per pupil. I’m committed to standing up against those cuts to make sure Nottingham schools have the money they need and the Tories simply don’t care. May will wave those cuts through and that is the choice before people on June 8.”

The other candidates for the constituency are David Hollas for UKIP, Adam McGregor for the Green party and Tony Sutton for the Liberal Democrats.

More on Nottingham South can be found on Notts TV’s constituency profile for the area.

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