‘Rage Cage’ opens in Notts for people to smash up household items

Zaac Spencer, owner of Rage Cage, poses with a baseball bat.

The first facility in the UK allowing people to channel their anger by smashing up electronic appliances and household items has opened in Nottinghamshire.

Zaac Spencer’s brainchild, ‘Rage Cage’, launched on Saturday in an old church building in Plainspot Road, Brinsley.

It encourages people to release their anger by destroying telephones, plates and games consoles with crowbars, baseball bats and hammers.

Zaac, 25, from Sinfin, was inspired by a video he saw on Facebook and sacrificed his previous job as a fork lift driver to invest £7,500 into his new business – and he has been working to transform the former church building into specially-designed ‘cages’ since September.

He said: “I was driving down the road one day and it just came to me. I thought ‘that’s what I want to do’.

“I literally grabbed the bull by the horns and went with it. And now here we are, ready to go.

Zaac Spencer, with some of the graffiti in one of the ‘rage cages’.

“I was quite surprised how many people turned up last Saturday actually. We were advertising it just off Facebook and the internet.

“The response that we got was brilliant, though. It couldn’t have gone any better. It was a really good day and everyone really enjoyed themselves.”

Mr Spencer chose the location of Rage Cage as it is central to Nottingham, Derby and Alfreton – and people are encouraged to donate unwanted items to the company or to simply bring their own to smash up.

Rage Cage, in Brinsley.

The three cages, ranging in size, have been decorated with graffiti from a Derby-based artist to make each room look like a cage.

Zaac demonstrates the ethos of his new business.

Research went into the business to make sure there weren’t any already existing in the UK – and Zaac found there weren’t, meaning Rage Cage is the only business in Britain allowing people to unleash their anger without going to prison or having to clean up after.

The idea has already appeared in America, where the businesses are usually known as ‘anger rooms’.

Rage Cage opens every Thursday and Friday from 4pm to 9pm and each Saturday and Sunday between 12pm to 6pm.

Prices start at £13 for 15 minutes of destruction – an offer which allows customers to wreck five small items.

“We’ve got a large range of items – from cups all the way up to printers,” Mr Spencer said.

“We’ve got televisions, we’ve got ornaments, we’ve got telephones – you name it, we’ve got it. People donate things left, right and centre.

Rage Cage’s store room – full of electronic appliances and household items.

“There are companies out there which will pay to get rubbish removed and we ask for people to please just drop it off. Please bring it, we want it.”

People are asked to sign a disclaimer to ensure the business is not responsible for any injuries caused, and Rage Cage provides protective goggles, helmets and gloves.

“If an injury was to happen, it would be through foul play and people messing about. But we just want people to have fun – we just want them to have a good time, and hopefully release some of that rage inside,” said Zaac.

Rage Cage will be hiring staff after Christmas and children can turn up with the permission of their parents.