Residents near housing development site say builders have enroached on land and are suffering from dust and noise

An artist's impression of what the new homes in Wollaton will look like
By Amy Orton, Local Democracy Reporter

Residents near a housing development site in Wollaton have said builders have enroached on their land and have claimed they are suffering from dust and noise disturbance.

More than 70 residents attended the North Wollaton Residents Association meeting earlier this week where the £32million Martins Reach site, off Russell Road, was discussed.

Labour Councillor Steve Battlemuch, who was at the meeting, said: “Because of the position of the site, there are a lot of neighbours affected by this.

“There is very strong feeling among residents about it.

“Concerns they have raised to me have included the developers encroaching on their land, noise disturbance and lack of compensation.

“There is also the fact most of their properties will now be overlooked.

“This isn’t just nimbyism, these people are real humans whose lives are being affected by this development.

“They used to look out over allotments and open space and now they will be looking into someone’s kitchen.”

The 88-home development will consist of three, four and five-bedroom homes, including some affordable housing.

A spokesperson for Avant Homes said: “We have not been involved in any encroachment onto land we do not own.

“Avant Homes has been in regular contact with residents where we have been made aware of any concerns as to the ongoing work and activities.

“In any building development among existing houses we will always endeavour to act responsibility with due care and consideration.

“We will continue to adhere to our construction management plan to mitigate any noise, dust or air pollution.”

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