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Robin Hood Energy

Get a great deal on your energy and help fight fuel poverty Switching to Robin Hood Energy is easy.

Tel: 0800 030 4567

Robin Hood Energy are the UK’s first publicly owned not-for-profit energy company, based right here in Nottingham. The business provides gas and electricity to home and businesses nationwide. All electricity is 100% green.

Proud to be different, the business prides themselves on being the missing piece of the energy industry puzzle, helping to redress the balance in the energy industry in favour of the customer and championing the public’s right to access fairly-priced energy.

With no director bonuses or shareholders expecting huge returns overheads are streamlined so energy tariffs are kept low.

Robin Hood Energy promises to make decisions that are morally and ethically right. For example, any profits made are wholly reinvested back into customers or good causes. Particularly those that help fight fuel poverty.

With 1 in 10 households in Nottingham already being supplied by Robin Hood Energy, and over 132,000 customers nationwide there is no better time to switch your energy supply.

Support a local business, get a great energy deal, help fight against fuel poverty and save the planet all at the same time!

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