RSPCA officer climbs down old Beeston sewer to rescue 12 frogs

The frogs, left, safe after their rescue from the 8ft deep hole, right. (Photo: RSCPA)

An RSPCA officer scrambled down an eight feet-deep sewer hole in a Beeston garden to rescue a group of frogs trapped at the bottom.

The owner of the garden on Bramcote Lane contacted the society after spotting the animals hopping around at the bottom, unable to get out.

RSPCA inspector Sarah Gardner turned up and decided to climb down, then pass them up to the owner one by one.

Its believed the hole was once part of the house’s sewage system and was left in the garden after a new network was installed.

All the frogs were released back into the wild a safe distance from the hole after the rescue effort on Thursday, September 28.

Inspector Gardner said: “I had to climb down into the hole and try and catch each frog individually, but there was about two inches of water at the bottom so it was quite muddy and I had to keep looking out for the frogs poking their heads up.

“But we did it, and the frogs were all safely released away from the hole. It was quite a funny job and in my 14 years as an RSPCA inspector, I’ve never done anything like it before.”