Screen outside Victoria Centre to have personalised adverts based on person’s age, gender and mood

An artist's impression of the screen at the entrance of intu Victoria Centre.

A giant digital screen at a Nottingham shopping centre will tailor advertisements based on a customer’s attributes as they stand outside the building.

The Nottingham One Screen, based at the entrance of the intu Victoria Centre, is hoped to be up and running on Monday (June 26) – and will be the biggest advertisement screen in the East Midlands.

The canopy of the screen has been removed and it is nearly the height of a two-storey building – measuring 11.52m wide by 7.68m high.

It will initially be used as a rolling advertisement board, which will display products for 10 seconds on a loop, which is thought will run from 6am to midnight.

A recognition camera will be ‘phased in’ to display advertisements targeted to customers.

The camera will analyse customers’ age, gender and mood as they stand near the entrance and trigger relevant adverts on the screen.

The camera will use ‘face mapping technology’ to analyse customers’ facial expressions to and then display relevant products.

A man with a beard may trigger an advert for a shaving product, while a lady with glasses may trigger information about eye ware.

Roger Binks, customer experience director at intu, said: “This new screen at the entrance to intu Victoria Centre makes use of innovative technology and a high footfall location to target shoppers already in a buying mind-set with the most engaging content.”

intu has worked with Ocean Outdoor to build the screen, a company which has installed similar screens around the country.

Richard Malton, Ocean’s marketing director, said: “Nottingham is the UK’s seventh biggest retail centre so our partnership with intu to launch Nottingham One gives Ocean a premium digital out-of-home presence in all top seven UK cities.

“There’s currently a lack of external out of home options in Nottingham and the launch of Nottingham One at intu Victoria Centre fills that void, offering brands access to the East Midlands’ most affluent and highest spending shoppers at the city’s most visited retail destination.

“And as Nottingham has the UK’s fourth-youngest population, there is also a significant number of younger mobile audiences in the city thanks to its vast student population and high proportion of 16 to 44-year-old residents.”

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