How to keep your home warm and safe this winter

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It’s been the mildest winter on record on our shores so far, but the warm weather we enjoyed at the end of last year is now a bit of a distant memory.

As an intense cold front moves south into Britain from the Arctic, conditions that let daffodils flower at Christmas and allowed squirrels to fatten themselves on easily-accessed acorns are all but over.

Getting ready for the cold means more than just digging out the chunky knitwear and stocking up on anti-freeze; your heating system can be under pressure during really cold weather, so here are a few tips sponsored by local heating company 2Red to help keep your home warm and safe this winter.

Worcester Boiler-Servicing-NottinghamAre you eligible for a FREE Boiler?

If you’re homeowner or tenant that receives any of the following benefits, you may be entitled to a government grant for a FREE replacement boiler.

Pension Credit

Child Tax Credit (With an income of £16,010 or less)

Working Tax Credit (With an income of £16,010 or less)

Income Support

Income based Job Seeker’s allowance

Income Related Employment Support Allowance

Universal Credit with a monthly earned income of £1,250 or less

Don’t miss out. To see if you qualify for Government Grant call 2 RED today on 0303 031 0001.

Boiler-maintenance-nottinghamIs your system running efficiently?

Over the years, sludge can form in your system. A power flush will prevent the re-forming of sludge improving the overall efficiency and life of the system.


Safety first

A faulty boiler can not only mean that your home isn’t heated efficiently but if faulty can have consequences to your health. Carbon monoxide leakage from faulty gas appliances can kill so it is important not to put your family members in danger.


Free Central Heating System Check

Don’t get caught out this winter! A FREE 30 point system check to ensure your boiler and heating system is in good working order for any cold spells is available from Which? Trusted Trader partners 2 RED until 31st January 2016. Visit their website or call 0303 031 0001 to get your check booked in.

Think Thermostats

Thermostatic radiator valves enable you to monitor the heating throughout your home and allow you to accurately control your radiator temperatures. They save you the hassle of turning your heating on and off and most importantly can help you SAVE on your heating bills.

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