Students union bans sale of the Sun newspaper

The sun paper

Nottingham Trent University students voted last night to remove The Sun newspaper from sale in the Union Shop. This is after protests against Page 3 topless models.

The Sun newspaper introduced Page 3 in the 1970s, which shows an image each day of a topless woman. This attracted controversy from critics who believe it is demeaning towards women.

At the start of this year, a campaign against Page 3 escalated prompting the newspaper to consider the future of the feature.

Rumours circulated that the paper would drop Page 3 when the images disappeared for a week. When the page was reinstated critics turned to Twitter and Facebook to voice their outrage.

The University of Nottingham’s Students Union was the first in the city to ban The Sun from being sold on its premises.

Now Nottingham Trent University’s union shop has followed suit after giving students the chance to vote online for or against the sale of the paper.

But this week The Sun has changed its usual output on Page 3, with a double spread on page on the Oscars, with no sign of topless models.

Page 3 in The Sun this week.
Page 3 of The Sun this week.

The Sun has failed to clarify whether it would be getting rid of Page 3. Topless models still feature on the paper’s website.

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