The Yeezy Phenomenon: Five days of queueing for new Kanye West shoes


Video: Notts TV’s Richard Minkley finds out about the new Yeezys

Shoe shoppers have been camping outside a Nottingham store in the freezing cold in hope to get their hands on a pair of limited edition Kanye West trainers.

At the end of Bridlesmith Gate outside the clothing store 18montrose, a line of camping chairs and tents fill the pavement of footwear fanatics looking to buy a pair of the £150 ‘adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2.’

The shoes go on sale Saturday morning but some have been camping outside since Tuesday to get their hands on a pair.

One of those is Teni Patel who travelled all the way up from London on Tuesday night.

Teni said: “This is the only store that does in-store purchases; all the other ones in the UK do online raffles so this was my best opportunity to get a pair.

“I don’t actually own a pair of the Adidas Yeezy’s as I usually re-sell them for profit but this is the first pair I am keeping.”

The new Yeezy Boost 350 V2 (Picture: adidas)

With the shoe being so popular and already sold out on most online stores, some buy the shoes to sell them on.

In store, the trainers will cost £150 for a pair but some of the campers think they can triple that on a re-sale.

“Trainers have such a high value in general you do not find this kind of money in a lot of places for the amount of time you put in.

“If you put it into context you aren’t going to be working for 24 hours of the day to earn money and most of the time we are just here chilling anyway.”

Campers wait outside holding their place in the queue.

Behind the design is American hip/hop star Kanye West, well known for his music and outspoken personality.

The philanthropic multi-millionaire has made his money with multiple business ventures alongside his reality star wife Kim Kardashian, but none have proven as successful apart from his music as his shoe design Yeezys.

“He is such a big person, I am personally not here for him but I know a lot of people are and who follow him because of who he is.

“The shoes are worth more because they are under the Kanye West brand than they actually are.

“I think the price is extortionate to be fair, there is no real reason for it to be that expensive but then again some people pay a lot of money for a t-shirt when it costs a lot less to make so it is all about context really.”

More campers are expected to join the queue in the coming hours and long lines are expected Saturday morning.

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