Travellers ignore council’s notice to leave Clifton Green

Travellers camp at Clifton Village green
Travellers at Clifton Village Green

The travellers who moved onto Clifton Village Green are still there despite being issued with a notice to leave within 24 hours on June 30.

Nottingham City Council will now be launching legal proceedings in order to have the travellers removed but have not given a time scale as to when that might be.

Now that the 24 hour notice period has expired, the council will apply to county court for an eviction order, the length of that process will depend on how quickly a date is made available in court.

Some Clifton residents are fed up and have called for barriers to be put up to stop this happening again. The council has had difficulties in implementing the barriers due to land ownership issues.

A spokesman for the Nottingham City Council said: “We have explored the idea of installing wooden bollards around the edge of Clifton Green to stop vehicles from gaining access.”

“It is complicated because the land does not belong to the council and we would need to seek permission first. It is also used by a number of other people in the village.

“We will continue to talk with residents about finding a solution.”


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