Two of Britain’s best vegan sweet treats in one Old Market Square building

Video: Notts TV’s Kate Chaplin checked out two of Britain’s top vegan sweet treats

Two of the best vegan sweet treats available in Great Britain are in the same building in Old Market Square.

Doughnut independent Doughnotts and milkshake chain Shakeaway on Long Row in the city centre have both made PETA’s top 12 vegan sweet treats list.

Doughnotts will soon open a second branch in Derby following its success.

Eleanor Raw-Rees from Doughnotts said: “All the dough we serve is vegan – it just depends what we put on top and I think that’s quite appealing for customers and it offers a different range to people.

“They don’t taste different because we’ve now developed the recipe so our dough tastes as good as all the other ones.

“Veganism is something that’s definitely grown – you get people coming in all the time that are so impressed by the range of flavours and are just amazed by the fact they taste amazing.

“We’re next to Shakeaway and I think that balances out quite well – you can come and get your doughnuts then have a nice vegan milkshake as well!”

Milkshake from Shakeaway and doughnuts from Doughnotts

Olivia Wheeler from Shakeaway has noticed a significant rise in the amount of vegan milkshakes sold.

She said: “We use a vast majority of ingredients that are dairy-free based which I think is important because a majority of people are going dairy-free.

“I’ve noticed a massive amount of people coming in, whether it’s preference, whether it’s allergy or vegan, a lot more people are coming in asking for vegan shakes.

“It’s incredibly important now and I think they taste even better than the regulars.”