Watch: ‘Why we voted Leave’ – Voters in Notts’ most Eurosceptic area have their say

Watch Hugh Casswell asks people in Sutton and Mansfield for their reactions to Brexit

Voters in Ashfield say concern over British sovereignty and independence inspired them to¬†vote leave in what is now one of Britain’s most Eurosceptic areas.

Around 70 per cent of voters opted for Leave in Ashfield, with the national Referendum vote 52 per cent in favour of Brexit.

People in Sutton in Ashfield told Notts TV they were worried the European Union had too much influence over UK law and Government spending.

And in Mansfield, where 71 per cent of people backed Leave, Executive Mayor Kate Allsop said she believed the result was as much a rejection of party politics as it was of the EU.

She said: “I think people are fed of politicians telling them things they don’t believe. I think people are going to lean much more now to local politics and local politicians.

“Yes the pound took a tumble but it bounced up again – people shouldn’t get in a panic.”


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