Watch: ‘I stayed in Notts to find myself after prison’ – MMA headliner Kane Mousah returns to Nottingham

Watch: Notts TV’s Jake Meskell speaks to Kane Mousah and Regis Sugden ahead of ACB 87

Europe’s biggest MMA promotion is coming to the Nottingham Arena next month and headliner Kane Mousah is coming back to where it all began.

ACB 87 hits the city on Saturday May 19 with Kane Mousah, who was based in Mansfield when he took up mixed martial arts (MMA), battling Scotland’s Robert Whiteford in a featherweight main event.

Nine years ago, Kane was arrested for possession of a firearm and was sent to a prison in Nottinghamshire.

Once released, he decided to stay in Mansfield to ‘find himself’.

Kane said: “I needed to disconnect from the lifestyle I was living before I ended up in prison and I needed to stay in Mansfield to find my own way.

“I had to focus on me for a little bit so it was good I was able to do that here and following up from that now, I’m in this position where I’m fighting as the main event in Nottingham.”

It’s the first major MMA show to come to Nottingham since September 2012 and Kane said ‘it’s no coincidence’ that it’s coming here.

He said: “I’m a big believer in my path and I believe this is the time for me to come back and put on a show for everyone.

“I just hope everyone from Nottingham, all the fans come down and support the show.”

Regis Sugden trianing for his upcoming fight

Also on the card for the fight is Newark’s Regis Sugden who is aiming to make a name himself on the big stage.

He said: “They’ve really pushed the boat out on this one and the one in Sheffield was a very good show last year, but they’ve gone further with this.

“They’ve got some of the top names in UK talent that are up-and-coming and in their prime.

“It’s great to be alongside those names but also to prove I can be up there with them.”

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