Watch: Mum of man murdered in knife attack at house party makes emotional appeal to parents

Video: Luke Moran’s mum appeals to parents ahead of Mother’s Day (Credit: Notts Police)

A mum whose son was stabbed to death at a house party in Clifton seven years ago has made an emotional plea to parents ahead of Mother’s Day.

Luke Moran was 25 when he was fatally stabbed in 2011 – Kerry Holden, then 35, of Farnborough Road in Clifton, was jailed for life after being convicted in 2012 of Luke’s murder.

In support of Nottinghamshire Police’s new awareness campaign Lives Not Knives, Mrs Taylor has pleaded for parents to do more to help tackle knife crime.

She is urging parents to have a conversation with their children and ensure they are educated in that they are more at risk of being hurt if carrying a knife.

Mrs Taylor said: “Knife crime destroys two people’s lives; not just the person who gets stabbed but the person who did it.

“Their family would suffer, like we suffer and I would hate to think I’ve got a murderer in the family but quite a few people have.

“I think it’s the parent’s responsibility to check the children, to make sure they haven’t got anything that they shouldn’t have when they are going out.

“The only way to solve it is to get parents on board and getting stricter.”

Under the slogan Lives Not Knives, Nottinghamshire Police is calling on people across the county to come together and play their part in preventing people carrying knives.

Notts Police’s knife crime strategy manager Detective Superintendent Simon Firth said: “Mrs Taylor is absolutely right – the impact of knife crime has a huge ripple effect for two sets of families.

“The consequences can be devastating for families and communities.

“And all of that misery for mums, dads, brothers, sisters and friends can last a lifetime and follows from one very bad decision to carry a knife.

“Carrying a knife does not protect you – it puts you more at risk of coming to harm.

“This is a very simple but important message that I would expect all parents would want their children to know to prevent them getting hurt.”

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