WATCH: Notts man with terminal brain cancer preparing to run for charity in London Marathon

Video: Notts TV’s Hugh Casswell meets Martin Dawkins

A Nottinghamshire man who has terminal brain cancer is preparing to raise money for charity by running in the London Marathon.

Martin Dawkins, 61, was diagnosed with the illness last year and still lectures part-time at Nottingham Trent University and helps to facilitates sport at Loughborough University.

However he is determined to not let it affect his active lifestyle as he is currently preparing himself for the London Marathon and is aiming to raise money for the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre.

It may be too late to help me but I want to help others

Martin said: “I think the motivation is about being around as long as I possibly can.

“There is still life to live, there are places to go and visit, holidays to take my family, there are things to do and achieve at work; I’ve got so much to offer and I don’t want to be at home doing nothing.

“If the John van Geest Centre do make progress and there’s an opportunity for me to be involved in trials for example, I want to give it a go.

“It may be too late to help me but at least it might help others.”


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