Watch: Students fear letting agent branding signs make them a target for burglars

Some Nottingham students say they fear permanent stickers and signs identifying their homes as student properties are making them vulnerable to burglars.

Some Nottingham lettings agents put stickers in windows or permanent signs outside houses as a form of advertising.

But Ella Pengelly, who lives on Talbot Street, says she’s unhappy with a sign on her house reading

“If you walked past normally I don’t think you’d think ‘oh it’s a student house’ but now there’s a sign outside it just screams the fact,” she said.

“That’s nine of us inside and I kind of think it enhances the fact we’re now a target.”

Thieves have been known to target rented student houses, because they contain a larger number of personal items in one home.

Faye Swanwick of the student housing charity Unipol, said: “It’s basically to promote their brand, so when students are walking around they see a sign saying managed by xx and so when it comes to finding a house they remember that.

“As part of the Unipol code [for example] is a landlord is a member of it, for example, they get a certificate, and they can also get a window sticker, but some say they don’t want it because they don’t want to advertise the fact it’s a student property in case students do target it.” declined to comment.