When will your bin be collected this Christmas?

By Andrew Topping, Local Democracy Reporter

With Christmas Day just hours away, people across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire will soon begin opening presents, cooking meals and pouring drinks to celebrate the occasion.

But what happens to the waste when the festivities come to an end? Whether it’s recyclable, glass or household waste, bins across the city and county will fill up over the coming days and the long-awaited bin collection day couldn’t come soon enough.

However, with the Christmas festivities comes two bank holidays on December 27 and December 28, and the potential for changed bin collection days in parts of the county next Monday, Tuesday and beyond.

This can even stretch into the week after, with New Year’s Day falling on a Saturday and causing its bank holiday to fall on January 3, 2022.

In preparation for a big 10 days, here are any changes councils in the city and county have made to their bin collection days to accommodate their hard-working staff.

Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council won’t be changing any of its bin collection dates due to the way the bank holidays fall both next week and the week after.

The council tweeted: “Bin days usually change at Christmas and New Year due to Bank Holidays – this year, they don’t because the holidays fall on the weekend. So, put your bin out on the usual day, and if you’re not sure when that is, double-check on your bin calendar.”

Ashfield District Council

Ashfield residents will have changes to their bin collection dates starting on Monday, December 27.

Residents whose normal collection day is December 27, the first of the two bank holidays, will have their bin collected on Tuesday, December 28.

The council then follows a trend of having the bin collected one day later than its regular day. So, if your collection day is usually Tuesday, the revised collection this Christmas is Wednesday – and so on.

This continues until Saturday, January 8.

Bassetlaw District Council

Bassetlaw District Council is also changing its bin collections to accommodate the bank holidays.

Collections due on Monday, December 27 will take place on December 29 and collections due on December 28 will take place on December 30.

Wednesday, December 29’s collection will take place on New Year’s Eve (December 31), while the following day’s collection has been rearranged for Tuesday, January 4.

New Year’s Eve’s original collection is due on January 5, while collections due on Monday, January 3 will take place on Thursday, January 6.

Tuesday, January 4’s collection will now take place on Friday, January 7, while the following day’s collection will be held on Saturday, January 8.

Thursday, January 6 and Friday, January 7 will have their respective collections on Monday, January 10 and Tuesday, January 11.

Broxtowe Borough Council

Broxtowe Borough Council is not implementing any changes this year due to the way the bank holidays fall.

But the authority has said bins should be put out in their usual spots by 6.30am on residents’ usual collection day.

Gedling Borough Council

Like Broxtowe and Nottingham, Gedling Borough Council is not bringing in any changes to its bin collection days this Christmas and New Year.

Residents will have their bins collected on their usual day.

Mansfield District Council

Mansfield District Council is another authority to not implement any collection changes due to the way the bank holidays fall.

However, the council said it will not be collecting any extra side waste for glass bin collections over the festive period.

Sarah Troman, the council’s head of neighbourhood services, said: “Unfortunately, no extra side waste can be taken for glass bin collections and residents are advised to ensure their glass bin lid can be fully closed to ensure collection.

“For any extra glass that doesn’t fit into the bin, please hold onto it for the following glass collection.”

Newark and Sherwood District Council

Newark and Sherwood District Council is the fifth authority in the county to not bring in any changes to its collections this Christmas.

Bins will be emptied as usual over the festive period, with the council saying its waste team will “continue to work hard over these bank holidays”.

Rushcliffe Borough Council

Residents in Rushcliffe will have changes to their festive bin collections, the council has confirmed.

Grey bins due to be collected on Monday, December 27 will now be collected today, December 24, while grey bins due for collection on Tuesday, December 28 will be emptied two days later on December 30.

The grey bin collection due on Monday, January 3 will be collected on Tuesday, January 4.

However, blue bins due for collection on Monday, December 27 will now be collected on Wednesday, December 29, while the collection due on Tuesday, December 28 will be collected on New Year’s Eve.

The collection due on the following Monday, January 3, will be collected on January 5.

Any other bin collections remain the same as normal.

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