Young Nottingham film-makers set up campaign to fund short movie with renowned actors and actresses

Video: Film collective ‘Them Pesky Kids’ talk about ‘Ariella’ (Credit: Them Pesky Kids)

A group of young Nottingham film-makers have set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund a short movie featuring award-winning actors and actresses.

Brothers and directors Jack and Michael Jobling wrote a short story called ‘Ariella’ which has since been turned into the concept of a short film by film collective ‘Them Pesky Kids’.

If funded, the film will feature Johann Myers who has starred in drama ‘Luther’ and crime comedy ‘Snatch’ alongside Hannaj Bang Bendz who recently won Best Female Actress at the LA Film Festival for her performance in ‘The Man Up the Stairs’.

James Graeme will also play the role of the villain and has previously appeared on the West End as the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ under Andrew Lloyd Webber.

So far £5,630 has been pledged on their Kickstarter page towards their goal of £10,000.

Video: A teaser trailer of ‘Ariella’ (Credit: Them Pesky Kids)

Producer Ryan Harvey said: “As soon as I saw Michael’s last film, Anoesis, I turned round in my seat and begged him to let me make his new one.

“I was a little surprised when Jack and Michael sent me the script for Ariella and they had created this world that was so vast, full of characters that were dark and mysterious and a storyline twisting through these different perspectives.

“To me, it really felt like a short movie and having seen their previous work, I knew we could make something special.”

Producer Ryan Harvey (Picture: Them Pesky Kids)

The story is about two lowlife criminals who arrange to meet in an empty late night bar for the first time since burgling a house a couple of nights before.

For one of them, it seems like a catch-up, but for the other, it’s an excuse to keep an eye on his counterpart, under strict instructions from the owner of the house they burgled, who is revealed to be the terrifying gangster, Big Wicked.

Big Wicked delegates his most trusted employee, Ariella, to supervise the sit down, and ensure that everything runs smoothly, but her personal motives start to get in the way of her professionalism.

Writers and directors Michael and Jack Jobling (Picture: Them Pesky Kids)

Jack said: “Seeing it grow from a short story into something that I know a lot of people are excited about is an opportunity not a lot of film-makers get.

“The characters in the film are very paranoid, it’s a tense film set at night and it’s raining outside with all these characters couped up in a claustrophobic environment.

“The test footage we shot was a massive advantage for us because we were able to visualise a dark and dingy aesthetic we were going for.”

One of the team meetings for Ariella (Picture: Them Pesky Kids)

Michael said everyone has had a part to play in getting the idea off the ground but the project needs additional funds to make it happen.

Michael said: “We’ve been on the same page every step of the way and it’s extended to who we’ve worked with, telling them what kind of film we want to make and they have been able to take that on and put it down on paper for us.

“Everyone has jumped on board, no questions asked and we can feel that they really believe in it.”

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