Breastfeeding-friendly cafe Milk Lounge opens second branch in Beeston

The Milk Lounge opened in Beeston after the success of the Arnold cafe. PHOTO: Steve Purdey

The breastfeeding-friendly Milk Lounge cafe has opened its second location in Beeston.

After the success of the Arnold shop, which opened a year ago, a second purpose-built cafe has opened to make the lives of parents easier.

“We have singing and rhyming groups, as well as neo-natal and anti-natal yoga,” said owner Charlotte Purdie, who is a mother herself.

“We have a comfort room for people who want to have quiet time or feed in private, vegan cakes and dairy free stuff, and a buggy park, which is a massive thing.”

The cafe has yoga and language classes for babies and mums. Photo: Steve Purdey.

The 23-year-old opened the original cafe after struggling to find suitable places to feed her own son, Bobby.

It was the first venue to be approved as ‘breast-feeding friendly’ by Gedling Borough Council.

She attributes the success of the Milk Lounge to responding to customer requests, such as language lessons for babies, which are now being offered by Frenchtastic.

The Milk Lounge is already a huge success in Arnold. Photo: Steve Purdey.

“I’m very excited, and Beeston’s excited,” added Charlotte.

“I’m always apprehensive but there’s been a great response already so I’m confident.”

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