Notts MP John Mann reveals he is backing Brexit

Nottinghamshire MP John Mann has revealed he is planning to vote to leave the European Union.

Mr Mann, who represents Bassetlaw, said free movement of people within the union was threatening the country’s economic future.

In a column for the Sun he wrote: “Nowhere is that clearer than with the free movement of people, which has, is, and will continue to undermine pay and conditions in working class communities.

“It is not sustainable to have 300,000 new people added to the population every year.”


The Labour veteran becomes the only Nottinghamshire MP to declare support for leaving the EU. Earlier the area’s other 10 members had revealed support for the remain stance.

Mr Mann tweeted earlier in the week ahead of his declaration

The June 23 referendum has already sparked one of the most heated political debates in recent memory.

Both David Cameron and Boris Johnson have been among campaigners who have visited Nottinghamshire.

The Prime Minister urged local people to back the remain campaign, while Mr Johnson, a leading Conservative and former Mayor of London, called on Nottinghamshire voters to opt to leave the Union.


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