REPLAY: How General Election results unfolded in Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire has spoken in a snap general election which has ended in a shock hung parliament.

While the Conservatives won a historic result in Mansfield, Labour defended all of its other seats in Nottinghamshire.

The overall result means the Conservatives have lost their majority.

Talks are underway between party leaders in an attempt to form a Government – with Prime Minister Theresa May expected to speak later on Friday Morning.

Conservative Anna Soubry, who was re-elected on a wafer-thin majority as Broxtowe MP, said the the result is ‘disastrous’ for her party and the Prime Minister should ‘consider her position’.


  • Notts results all in – Labour lose Mansfield to Conservatives
  • No other seats change hands in Notts but some results extremely close
  • Election ends in shock hung parliament as Conservatives lose majority
  • Conservatives are the largest party but have failed to win overall control

1:15pm And that’s all from the live blog on what has been a dramatic night for British politics – thank you for joining us for our coverage through the night and this morning, be sure to watch our live two-hour election special on Freeview 7, Sky 117 and Virgin 159 from 5.30pm or On Demand.

1:02pm Labour councillor Dave Trimble shares his thoughts on the announcement.

12:55pm Theresa May: “Only the Conservative and Unionist party have the legitimacy and policy to provide in the House of Commons. We will continue to work with our allies with the Democratic Unionist Party. Our work with them in the past gives me the confidence to believe we will be able to work together. It will allow us to come together as a country and to secure a Brexit deal that works for everyone. Now let’s get to work.”

12:52pm Theresa May WILL form a government. 

12:45pm In case you missed it, the Green Party candidate for Ashfield Arran Rangi had to leave the count early last night because he had an A-level history exam at 9am this morning. Some good news on how he thought it went though!

12:28pm Theresa May has arrived at Buckingham Palace.

12:26pm A Tweet from the re-elected Labour MP for Gedling Vernon Coaker – he won with a majority of 4,694, an increase on his majority of 2,986 in 2015. Seems as though he’s keeping his feet firmly on the ground.

12:21pm Still on the national front, Theresa May is on her way to Buckingham Palace to seek permission to form a government.

12:17pm SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said the party will work with others to keep the Conservatives out and that a review in their performance will take place.

12:11pm Despite paying tribute to Nick Clegg after he lost his seat in Sheffield Hallam, Tim Farron confirms that the Liberal Democrats will not join with the Conservatives to make a majority once again.

12:00pm Some national news – party leaders Tim Farron for the Liberal Democrats and Nicola Sturgeon for the Scottish Nationalist Party both expected to make public statements in the next few minutes. Just half-an-hour now until Theresa May goes to Buckingham Palace to ask to form a government.

11:41am Labour MP for Bassetlaw John Mann who has served the constituency since 2001 held his seat but with his smallest ever majority of 4,852 – this is what he’s had to say this morning.

11:22am The chief executive of the City Council Ian Curryer has thanked everyone who worked on the election in Nottingham.

11:12am Labour’s new MP for Nottingham North Alex Norris has Tweeted his thanks to his voters and is now one of 38 Labour & Co-Operative MPs in Parliament. Next up for him – marriage.

10:55am Reports are claiming that Theresa May is to visit Bucking Palace with an ‘understanding’ of DUP support. DUP is the Democratic Unionist Party which has won 10 seats in Northern Ireland. The Conservatives have currently won 318 seats and a coalition with DUP would result in a total of 328 seats, above the magic number of 326 seats needed for a majority in the House of Commons…

10:45am Liberal Democrat candidate for Rushcliffe Jayne Phoenix, who lost out on the seat to Ken Clarke, has had her say on what she thinks of the hung parliament.

10:40am Some national news emerging – Paul Nuttall has resigned as leader of UKIP. His political party did not win a single seat in the House of Commons.

10:30am Good morning! Chris Breese and Jamie Barlow have gone for a well earned rest with Jake Brigstock bringing you all the latest local reaction and news from a dramatic general election. Reports are now emerging Theresa May will visit Buckingham Palace at 12:30pm to seek permission to form a UK government despite losing her Commons majority.

9:14am It was shock. But still….

9:00am And right about now the Green Party candidate for Ashfield, Arran Rangi, is just getting started on a tougher test than a general election. Here’s what he told us earlier.

8:46am Ben Bradley is now one of the youngest MPs at 27 after his shock win in Mansfield. The current ‘baby of the house’ is Mhairi Black of the SNP at 22.

She was the youngest-ever elected to the Commons when she took office aged 20 in 2015. We think that probably makes Ben Bradley toddler of the house. Go on. Make it stick. You heard it here first.

“We’ve done it and it feels amazing, I’m not sure I’ve quite taken it in,” he said.

On his thin majority, he added: “I’m going to get held to account – and rightly so.”

8:35am And this is a sight many people thought they would never, ever see – Conservative champagne in Mansfield. Ben Bradley, has become the area’s Member of Parliament. Here’s how he celebrated earlier;

8:10am Anna Soubry has not been mincing her words ever since holding Broxtowe for the Conservatives by a wafer-thin majority.

“She stamped herself on this campaign,” she said of Prime Minister Theresa May.

“She said it was about her and so on and so forth I’m afraid it’s been a disastrous evening so I’m sure she’ll consider her position.”

7:45am Nottingham North’s new MP is Alex Norris. He became the Labour candidate, replacing Graham Allen, who stood down after the election was called following ill health. Mr Norris’s first job after thanking voters is to get married.

7:15am Arran Rangi stood as the first Green Party candidate ever in Ashfield. He’s a happy man despite coming in sixth.

6:59am Inevitably Theresa May’s position as Prime Minister is now in doubt. She is expected to speak later this morning.

6:45am And we have a football analogy from the Liberal Democrats’ parliamentary candidate for Gedling. Does this mean the election result is a 0-0 draw – or a 2-2 after Labour were a brace down? Let’s stop now.

6:30am – Attention will now turn to how the new Government will be formed given the Conservatives do not have a winning majority – the current Government remains in office almost in a caretaker role, so the country can still function, essentially, while party leaders discuss a potential coalition.

5:56am With Ashfield declared we can bring you Nottinghamshire results in full as the election ends in a hung parliament as the Conservatives lose their majority;

Labour Hold – Gloria De Piero
21,285 votes, 441 majority
Turnout 64 per cent

Labour Hold – John Mann
27,467 votes, 4,852 majority
Turnout 66.5 per cent

Conservative Hold – Anna Soubry
25,983 votes, 863 majority
Turnout 75 per cent

Labour Hold – Vernon Coaker
26,833 votes, 4,694 majority
Turnout 72.5 per cent

Conservative Gain – Ben Bradley
23,392 votes, 1057 majority
Turnout 64.5 per cent

Conservative Hold – Robert Jenrick
34,493 votes, 18,149 majority
Turnout 72.9 per cent

Nottingham East
Labour Hold – Chris Leslie
28,102 votes, 19,590 majority
Turnout 63.7 per cent

Nottingham North
Labour Hold – Alex Norris
23,067 votes, 11,160 majority
Turnout 57.3 per cent

Nottingham South
Labour Hold – Lilian Greenwood
30,013 votes, 15,162 majority
Turnout 67.6 per cent

Conservative Hold – Ken Clarke
30223 votes, 8,010 majority
Turnout 78 per cent

Conservative Hold – Mark Spencer
27,492 votes, 5,198 majority
Turnout 70 per cent

5:45am And there it is – Gloria De Piero is re-elected as Labour hold Ashfield. That’s the last Notts result. A round-up and reaction to follow shortly.

5:44am Ashfield result – the last to come in in Notts – is imminent

5:09am The Ashfield results have again been delayed.

4:49am Labour’s Lilian Greenwood, who has been re-elected as Nottingham South MP, says she ‘couldn’t be prouder’ to stand for her constituency in Parliament.

4:54am Mark Spencer has been re-elected as Conservative MP for Sherwood. The turnout for the constituency is 70.19 per cent.

4:49am BREAKING: Labour’s Sir Alan Meale, who lost his Mansfield seat to Conservative Ben Bradley after holding it since 1987, has told Notts TV’s Hugh Casswell he won’t stand in the next General Election.

4:45am New Conservative MP for Mansfield Ben Bradley says he never expected to win his seat, and he has mixed emotions looking at how it stands on the national election front.

4:17am There is to be a recount in Ashfield.

4:13am Conservative Anna Soubry has been re-elected Broxtowe MP with a majority of 863. Her 25,983 votes beat Labour’s Greg Marshall (25,120) and Liberal Democrat Tim Hallam (2,247) in second and third respectively.

4:10am News just in. The Conservatives have won the seat in Mansfield. Ben Bradley replaces Labour’s Sir Alan Meale. That’s a massive result for the Conservatives. Mr Bradley has won a majority of 1,057 with 23,392 votes to his name. Sir Meale, meanwhile, won 22,335 votes. Labour had held the seat for 94 years with Sir Meale having represented the area since 1987.

3:45am Labour’s John Mann has been re-elected as Bassetlaw MP, winning a majority of 4,852 – which reduced from his 8,843 majority in 2015. He won 27,467 votes ahead of Conservative Annette Simpson who won 22,615 votes.

3:30am News just in. There’s going to be a recount in Broxtowe.

3:30am Robert Jenrick has been re-elected as Conservative MP for Newark. He holds a majority of 18,149 after winning 34,493 votes.  Labour’s Chantal Lee came runner-up winning 16,344 votes.

3:10am Conservative candidate for Broxtowe, Anna Soubry, has spoken out about the recent results. She said: “These are a very, very poor set of results. I’m sorry to see my colleagues go and I’m very sorry for them. It’s a good night for Labour and not for the Tories. It’s always a mistake to hold an election when you lose it. We’ve had a very poor campaign.”

3:01am Vernon Coaker has kept his Gedling Labour seat. He won 26,883 votes with a majority of 4,684, while Carolyn Abbot of the Conservative party came second with 22,139 votes. MP Coaker’s majority has increased from 2,986 and there was a turnout of 72.68 per cent.

2:50am Chris Leslie has been reelected as Labour MP for Nottingham East. He won 28,102 votes and a majority of 19,590 – better than his 2015 majority of 11,984. Simon Murray of the Conservative party finished second winning 8,512 votes. There was a turnout of 64 per cent and MP Leslie thanked the “great people of Nottingham East”. Barry Holliday of the Liberal Democrats won 1,003 votes, in third.

2:40am While Alex Norris has been elected as MP for Nottingham North, winning 23,067 votes. Jack Tinley of the Conservatives came second winning 11,907 votes. MP Norris has won a majority of 11,160. This reduced from Graham Allen’s – the former Labour MP – majority of 11,860 in 2015.

2:35am News just in. Labour’s Lilian Greenwood has been reelected as Nottingham South MP. She won 30,013 votes, ahead of Jane Hunt of the Conservative party who won 14,851. Tony Sutton of the Liberal Democrats came third with 1,564 votes. “It’s a huge privilege to be your voice in West Minister,” said Greenwood.

2:15am And the first results of the 2017 election are in. Conservative Ken Clarke has been reelected MP of Rushcliffe. He won 30,223 votes, with a turnout of 78.24 per cent. Labour’s David Mellen came second winning 22,213 votes.

2:10am In more bizarre news, Notts TV reporter Owen Shipton understands Liberal Democrat candidate Bob Charlesworth has been bitten by a cat – the reason why he is not at the Ashfield count. He is being treated at hospital.

2:00am David Bishop, the Elvis and the Yeti Himalayan Preservation Party Nottingham East candidate, says the exit polls are ‘confusing’. He said: “It’s going to be a long night before the result is finally known. I think it might be even more of a mess tomorrow than it is today. I don’t think anyone knows what’s going to happen. Different areas are going to vote different ways – the Brexit and Remain areas. UKIP votes have collapsed so a lot of UKIP votes are going to the Tories.”

1:50am Lilian Greenwood, Labour candidate for Nottingham South, says “it’s good to see more people involved in politics” to “get their voice heard”. She added she’s surprised and delighted by the exit polls. “It’s the complete opposite to how we felt in 2015 when the exit poll was shocking to Labour and left us feeling quite downbeat. We’re quite hopeful tonight as it looks quite positive for us,” she said.

1:45am Sherwood’s Conservative candidate Mark Spencer has arrived at the count. He said: “It’s all to play for. We’ve done the campaign and shall see what the result is.”

1:40am Ashfield’s 64.6 per cent turnout has increased by nearly three per cent from 2015’s election, with 50,547 votes cast.

1.28am We’ve just been speaking to Mark Spencer – Conservative candidate for Sherwood. 

1.06am Turnout confirmed for Nottingham South it’s 71,182, or 68 per cent – a rise of five per cent on 2015.

12:54am We’ve not long finished talking to Nottingham East Labour candidate Chris Leslie. He’s defending a nigh-12,000 majority tonight. He says he thinks people got ‘fed up’ with the Conservative campaign, which could lead to a much closer result nationally than many expected;


12:53am And another – 38,390, 57 per cent turnout Nottingham North – up on 2015 – which was 53 per cent.

12:50am We have turnout results for Mansfield too now. It’s at 64.58 per cent – 50,248 votes cast, up on 2015

12:45am Turnout results from Bassetlaw have come in. 52,368 votes were cast with a 66.68 per cent turnout. While in Rushcliffe there was a turnout of 78.2 per cent with 58,477 votes cast.

12:30am  Gail Turner, the Independent candidate for Ashfield, says she knows she won’t win the seat but has enjoyed the election campaign nonetheless. She said: “It’s been a real ride – we’ve enjoyed it but it’s been hard work. We do work hard: we’ve knocked on doors, telephoned people, been to local colleges to find out about all the different courses our youngsters are doing – and the investment in our youngsters is absolutely tremendous. It’s been a great time, an absolutely great time.”

12:15am Ray Young, UKIP candidate for Ashfield, says he sees the general election as a ‘second referendum’. He added he believes the Conservatives will win by overall majority – despite the exit polls suggesting otherwise. And in more lighthearted news, Arran Rangi, Ashfield’s Green Party candidate, says he has a history exam tomorrow. He has no time to revise.

12:00am David Hollas, UKIP candidate for Nottingham South, says the election is ‘pointless’. He said: “She [Theresa May] did not need to call this election. I don’t believe she ever had a bigger mandate than over 17 million people who voted for Brexit. And she certainly wouldn’t get that many people voting for her party [in this election].”

11:45pm Sid Pepper, UKIP candidate for Mansfield, says the Conservatives have been ‘arrogant’ to call the snap election. He said: “They believe they can just step in here and take what we worked hard to get. We worked hard with the Leave campaign as UKIP. People in Mansfield are good, commonsense people. They voted for Brexit and these people [Conservatives] just come along and assume they’re going to sweep them [votes] up. It’s reprehensible, shocking.”

11:30pm UKIP candidate for Broxtowe Fran Loi says Theresa May has ‘blown it’. He said: “Hasn’t Theresa May blown it. That was my initial reaction. So it’s going to be interesting, especially here in Broxtowe, what happens. Maybe this will be the end of end of the reign for the queen of Remain.”

11:15pm Mike Pringle, Labour candidate for Sherwood, says he’s ‘really nervous’ for the results of the election but also excited – following the exit polls which indicate the Conservatives may not win by an absolute majority. He said: “It’s been a huge effort. The team effort has been unbelievable. The crescendo there has been today, I couldn’t have asked for more help across the constituency. We’ve had lots of support from lots of people that haven’t voted before – which is good for all of us. I’m excited.”

11:00pm More ballet boxes are arriving to be counted for Nottingham East, South and North.


10:50pm Meanwhile Conservative candidate for Mansfield, Ben Bradley, says the exit polls have come as a ‘surprise’. He said: “We [the Conservatives] were expecting to do better than that. I can’t tell you what’s happening across the country but it’s a fairly small sample of the national picture – and we’re trying to work out what that means. I can’t tell you what’s happening in London or Scotland, but certainly here it feels a lot more positive than that.”

10:45pm Greg Marshall, Broxtowe’s Labour candidate, says the exit polls are ‘promising’. He said: “This campaign’s been about energising people and giving them some hope and I think the Labour party can do that. Broxtowe is a shining example of where people have got behind the alternative option.”

10:30pm Broxtowe’s Liberal Democrat candidate Tim Hallam says the exit polls are ‘very exiting’ which could mean Prime Minister Theresa May will not get the ‘stong mandate’ she hoped for. He said: “I couldn’t be happier with that. I think this gives my party and other parties and every single MP a voice to be able to scrutinise and oppose the Brexit negotiation.”

10:15pm Verification of the postal votes has begun.

10:00pm The fact the polls have closed means we can now report the exit polls. And they are that the Conservatives will win 314 seats, Labour 266, the Scottish National Party 34, and the Liberal Democrats 14. The exit polls have the Conservatives as the largest party, but suggest they will not win by an absolute majority. Although the exit polls are not reliable, it gives us an indication as to the final outcome.

9:45pm Notts TV’s Jake Meskell has arrived in Broxtowe, a seat the Conservative Anna Soubry has held since 2010.

9.15pm Labour has held the seat in Gedling since 1977, with Vernon Coaker winning the seat from former Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell. And he’s maintained the seat ever since – including a 2,986 majority victory in 2015. Conservative Carolyn Abbott’s 36.1 per cent share of the votes fell below MP Coaker’s 42.3 per cent share.

9.00pm Sound the klaxon. The polling stations close in one hour.

8.45pm Notts TV’s reporting team has already arrived at the Harvey Hadden Sports Village, where the counts for Nottingham East, South and North will take place.

The stage where the constituency results for Nottingham East, South and North will be announced in the early hours of Friday morning.

8:15pm Another look back at the results from the last election – this time Nottingham South. Labour’s Lilian Greenwood won the seat for the third successive election, with a majority of 6,936. Jane Hunt (Conservative) and David Hollas (UKIP) finished second and third respectively.

8:00pm It goes without saying that candidates appreciate support from local residents. But Tim Hallam, the Broxtowe Liberal Democrat candidate, has thanked someone closer to home for their support. His mum.

7:45pm Priorities. Nottingham filmmaker Shane Meadows has taken time out from filming a ‘new secret TV project’ to go and cast his vote.

7:30pm Time now to cast an eye back on the 2015 General Election results for Nottingham North. Labour’s Graham Allen, who stepped down as MP earlier this year after more than 30 years due to ill health, recorded a majority of 11,860. Conservative candidate Louise Burfitt-Dons won a 21 per cent share of the votes and finished in second place with 7,423. UKIP’s Stephen Crosby came third winning 6,542. This time around, Alex Norris is the red candidate.

7:00pm A call for those of you who have forgotten to post your ballot papers. You can take them to your local polling stations before 10pm for your votes to be counted.

6:45pm A reminder of the constituency results from the 2015 General Election. Starting with Nottingham East. Labour’s Chris Leslie won more than half the overall vote with a majority of 11,894. Conservative candidate Garry Hickton finished second with 7,314 votes and UKIP’s Fran Loi was third with 3,501 votes.

6:30pm We brought you #dogsatpollingstations, and it now appears cats are also getting in on the political vote, casting their votes by post. Keep an eye out for #catswithpostalvotes on Twitter.

6:15pm All this waiting around lark to find out the results is hungry work, especially for Gloria De Piero, the Labour candidate for Ashfield.

6:01pm There are four hours left to cast your votes – and many people across Nottinghamshire have been bringing their dogs along to the polling stations – including this furry friend in Lowdham.

5.53pm Let’s get this done shall we? It’s #dogsatpollingstations time. The Twitter hashtag celebrating the canine democrats of Britain. And admittedly a favourite of the pre-polls-closing-live-news-blogger.

5.47pm As for count declaration times, for all 11 constituencies in Notts, prepare for an exciting, if long, journey. This guide by the Press Assocation shows the earliest time for declaration locally will be 3am and the latest around 4am, although this is only a guide and does not take into account recounts.

5.28pm A cheeky reminder how you can keep up to date across, well, everything frankly, with Notts TV. Aside from this, there’s our twitter and Facebook pages, plus our two-hour special results and reaction show tomorrow;

5:22pm Ey up! Apparently there’s a vote on today. We’re starting our live coverage with Chris Breese and Jamie Barlow. The polls will stay open for another five hours or so – as people queuing at a station will still be allowed in even if the bell has tolled for ten.

Here’s a peak at our studio. Already getting ready for tomorrow once the dust has settled.

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