Nottingham skateboarders future

Skateboarders are hoping for a brand new skate park to be funded by Nottingham City Council.

Skateboarding is one of the cities small yet thriving communities. However a lack of resources and places to go has meant that boarders are taking to the streets to practise their tricks.

Rob Johnson and Scott Underdown, Owners of Forty Two skate shop are leading the campaign to build a new and centrally located skate park.

Johnson believes that it’s about having a new open space where people can go rather than a stereotypical skate park.

Video: Rob Johnson talks about the impact a new skate park would have

Scott, who is a keen skate boarder said that one of the hot spots which has been regularly contested by members of the public is Trinity Square. The main reason for attracting the riders is its architectural structure.

He said: “Skateboarding isn’t a bad thing we just don’t have the right place to go”.

Two locations have been suggested by skateboarders in the city centre. One underneath the tram bridge behind the Broadmarsh Centre and a second on an unused plot of land in the Sneinton area.

Discussions are still under way with no final decisions being made.

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