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Gold Bank
202 Victoria Market
intu Victoria

Tel: 01159 859 271
Email: [email protected]

At Gold Bank what we purchase does not depend on condition or age, only gold weight and purity (carat).

We buy any gold items including all scrap gold. We also purchase Silver, Platinum and Diamond jewellery.

Therefore as long as your jewellery only consists of Gold, Silver or Platinum of any carat in any condition, we will make you an extremely attractive offer for it.

There’s never any pressure to sell, we simply tell you what your items are really worth and then it’s up to you.

My Promise to you:

“Unlike many gold buyers we re-sell the vast majority of the jewellery we buy in and are therefore able to offer you a higher price than any other jeweller.”

We are able to test your jewellery with X-Ray testing which doesn’t mark your jewellery like traditional acid and filing will.

Please come and visit us in the Victoria Market in Nottingham’s Victoria Centre

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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