Little London Herbal Shop – Nottinghamshire Business Profiles

Little London Herbal Shop
15 Trinity Walk
T: 0115 947 2854
E: [email protected]

The Little London Herbal Store is based in the heart of Nottingham and has been a family run business since 1847. We always try to keep up to date with new and modern herbs and take on any learning that can further our approach in providing quality customer service and expert knowledge.

We help to provide anything from traditional remedies that you’d hear your grandparents talking about to the newest of remedies such as CBD oils.

With a qualified herbalist on site you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be provided with the right information and the correct products. We also offer food intolerance testing helping you to understand your body and dietary needs better.

Come and say hello and meet the team Helen, Kerry or Joshua who are always happy to discuss any queries you may have. With the knowledge they have, you are sure to be satisfied with the products and information you receive.

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