High Street Feature – Placing the focus on your area

Your local TV Channel, Notts TV, is to feature your area in a special series of features which will illustrate the range and quality of businesses round here.

These High-Street Features will showcase a limited number of key local businesses.

The Features are around two minutes in duration overall, with each one featuring four local businesses in an engaging way, with colourful footage of what they have to offer – and some of the personalities who run them.

Our High-Street Features are a colourful way of illustrating the benefits of visiting this area, bringing it to life- and embedding your brand name in viewers’ minds.

The Package

These Features are editorial-style, of between two and three minutes in duration overall.  Each business will occupy its own 30 seconds within, offering a chance to showcase what you have to offer.

Your High-Street Feature is aired a minimum of 15 times across the week, ensuring it is seen sufficiently often for viewer recall.

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