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Nottingham On Call
Harvey Road

Tel: 0115 746 9010
Email: [email protected]

Nottingham on Call exists to help its customers live fulfilled, independent lives. Its fantastic local team is committed to supporting people to live the life they love. If customers have a fall, feel unwell or hurt themselves and need assistance, NOC will be there.

Is NOC for me?

If you’re getting older, your health or circumstances have changed, and you’re finding it harder to live independently with confidence; this service could be for you.

If you’re getting concerned about your parents, grandparents or a family friend, Nottingham on Call can be there, for those times when you can’t.

Thanks to its 24 hour, seven days a week monitoring service, a friendly local team is just the ‘press of a button’ away.

Nottingham on Call has a range of products and services available to help you or your loved one, to live independently with confidence.

The service isn’t just for those people who might struggle to leave home without help. Nottingham on Call has a fantastic new mobile care alarm, that you can take with you wherever you go. Featuring GPS location technology, two way-speech and a Falls Detector, the Nottingham on Call GO! is the solution for those who love to get out and about.

Based in the heart of Nottingham, they also offer a local response service for non-medical emergencies, which is available day or night.

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