Submit Programme Ideas

If you have an idea for a programme then let us know. We want to make TV that is relevant to the city and the surrounding areas, and we want to involve local organisations in content production.

Notts TV Commissioning Statement

Notts TV aims to deliver high quality programmes to the people in Nottinghamshire.

As well as news, events and local stories, we’ll be broadcasting programmes on sports, debate, drama, music and comedy.

Notts TV will aim to capture the area’s social, cultural, and ethnic diversity through a broad spectrum of locally produced content.

The process:

  • For those interested in submitting an idea, please be aware that we may already have a similar programme in development at Notts TV.
  • Ideally, you should approach someone with production experience to help you with your one-page programme outline.
  • As we’re currently a new channel, budgets and the funding of programmes have to be considered – please think about the feasibility of your idea.
  • Links to material or pilots are very helpful.
  • You can download, and submit the programme outline on the one-page template provided below.

Programme Outline Form – and then email the proposal to [email protected].

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