At Notts TV, we know times are tough – and we’d like to share the inspiring stories about your business with thousands of Nottinghamshire viewers as your business comes to terms with the challenges of the new normal.

How can my business participate?

We’re giving 30 businesses extra support with the opportunity to get your message out personally to your customers and staff in Nottinghamshire on television for just £100 + VAT. No quibbles.

Just send us a video to [email protected] of no more than 25 seconds,  telling Notts TV viewers who you are, what your business does, what you’re proud of – and how you’ve adjusted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more here.

Your message will then be aired alongside others on Notts TV for three weeks – at least four times per day – highlighted as part of our Backing Business campaign.

To find out more, get in touch now [email protected]. Let’s work together on getting Notts back on its feet.

Terms & conditions

  • The advertiser must supply their own original video content, to which they hold all copyright. No music or other such material may be included.
  • The video must be of satisfactory quality and filmed landscape.
  • The video must be legal – and comply with all terms of the ASA Broadcast Code, in particular it must not be misleading, harmful or offensive – or denigrate other brands.
  • Notts TV reserve the right to give final approval and may refuse to carry the content.
  • This offer is open to new business to Notts TV. The advertiser must not have advertised on Notts TV within the last 12-months
  • Pre-payment of £100+vat is required prior to the transmission start date
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Video tips

To ensure your video does your business proud, it should be:

  • No more than 25 seconds in length
  • Filmed somewhere quiet – and certainly not windy.
  • Audible! Take care with the sound – don’t be too far from the mic.
  • Filmed landscape – not portrait
  • Looking good. Make sure the lighting is good so we can see your face and all around you.
  • Filmed, if possible, in a location relevant to your business..
  • Interesting! Tell viewers what your business does, what you’re proud of – and how you’ve adjusted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Any queries – and the finished video send to   [email protected]

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