Dampness and mould makes life miserable for Clifton couple

A cancer patient and her partner have thrown away most of their clothes after their flat in Clifton was overrun with mould.

Anna Christy and Keith Banks moved into the flat on Bridgenorth Drive, to be close to Anna’s elderly mum, last October and first complained to Nottingham City Homes about the damp issues in December.

The situation has been further compounded by their poor health. Keith has had multiple strokes and Anna has skin cancer as well as being her mum’s full-time carer.

“We got up one morning and everything was covered in mould and is wet through with clothes from the wardrobe covered all over with mould spores,” Anna said.

“They have offered us a decamp up on Noble Road but the place was awful and since we weren’t staying there for good we couldn’t paint all the walls or clean the floors like we would have liked.”

Keith Banks reveals the patches of his house that have been affected by mould

Nottingham City Homes’ policy is not to move tenants while a damp proof course is fitted but because of the health of the pair they are to be moved temporarily whilst work takes place.

And PR and Communications Officer Theresa Knight says the company does sympathise with the couple and the problems they have been having.

“We have had repairs done to a drain close to the property and now need to carry out repair work to replace the damp proof course in the one-bedroom flat and also the balcony in the first floor flat,” she said.

“These repairs should stop the issue of damp in the property.

 “We have offered two alternative properties for them to move into for these two to four weeks.

“Unfortunately Miss Christy has refused both of these, one of which was in Clifton. Both properties were of a lettable standard and ready for people to move into immediately.

 “We are continuing to work with Miss Christy to find a suitable property. However, there is a limited supply of one-bedroom properties within the Clifton area.

“When the work is completed, Miss Christy will be given a re-decorating allowance or can choose for Nottingham City Homes to re-decorate the property.

 “She has put in a claim for compensation, which is currently being dealt with.”

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