People from Midlands more likely to mourn loss of pet than anywhere else in UK

Video: Sophia Ratcliffe visits the only pet crematorium in the East Midlands here in Notts

A new study has found people from the Midlands are more likely to mourn the loss of a pet ahead of anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

The survey, commissioned by 3D pet sculpture specialists Arty Lobster, found 35 per cent of people in the Midlands would hold a memorial event to remember a deceased pet.

It comes ahead of the national Pet Remembrance Day which happens on July 5.

The survey asked users: thinking about any pets you currently own, when your pet(s) dies, how likely or unlikely are you to hold a memorial event – such as scattering their ashes, or reading a poem at a favourite place – for them?

CEO of Arty Lobster Lars B Andersen said: “These are interesting results and tell us that people in the Midlands have a soft side.

“These days, pets are increasingly regarded as members of the family and more people than ever want to commemorate their lives and the important part they have played in enhancing family life.

“Good on people living in the Midlands for wanting to give their pets a good send-off!”

The survey found Northern Ireland had the second highest percentage of people who would hold a memorial service for a pet with 30 per cent.

This was followed by London (28), Yorkshire (27) and the South East and Scotland (each with 24).

Certified end of life and pet loss grief coach and founder of Centre for Pet Loss Grief Wendy Van de Poll said: “Outwardly mourning is a way of saying good bye in a very healthy way by celebrating the life of your beloved companions.

“Paying tribute to those animals that touched your heart with a pet funeral, memorial, or remembrance will help you heal your loss all the while keeping the love of your companion close by.”

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