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11.36am: Nick Clegg has stood down as leader of the Liberal Democrats after a disappointing night of elections.

10.53am: Nigel Farage beaten to seat in Thanet South by Conservatives.

9.20 am: BBC says it’s learned that Ed Milliband is to stand down as leader of the Labour Party

8.19am: Ed Balls loses Labour seat in Morley & Outwood.


 Election- Gedling Candidate Vernon Coaker Labour7.50am: Labour’s Vernon Coaker holds Gedling






Political Conservative7.00am: Conservative hold Rushcliffe with Kenneth Clarke winning a solid 25% majority.






Election- Nottingham East Candidate Chris Leslie6:39am: Nottingham East: Chris Leslie wins it for Labour with 19,208 votes, Conservatives were second with 7314.




6:36am: Graham Allen tells Nottingham his team will work tirelessly for the people of Notts.

Election- North Nottingham Candidate Graham Allen 6:33am: Nottingham North: Graham Allen wins it for Labour with 19,283 votes, Conservatives were second with 7423.




Political Labour6.28am: Labour hold Mansfield with a 11.3% majority.

6.24am: Lilian Greenwood tells Nottingham she’s incredibly proud that the people of Nottingham voted for her

Election- Nottingham South Candidate Lillian Greenwood6.22: Labour’s Lilian Greenwood holds Nottingham south with 20,697 votes, Conservatives second with 13,761








Political Conservative

6.15am: Conservatives hold Newark with 57% of the vote, well ahead of 2nd placed Labour who had 21.7% of the vote.

Election- Ashfield Candidate Glorai de Piero

6:01 am: Gloria de Piero tells Notts TV’s Christian Hewgill that despite the rumours of her as a potential Labour leader she’s only interested in Ashfield.



5:42am: David Cameron holds seat in Witney.

5:41am: 68.85% turnout in Gedling with 48,194 votes cast.

5.37am: 75.6% turnout in Rushcliffe with 55,439 votes cast.

5.34am: Labour hold Ashfield. Conservatives in second place.

5.32am: Labour hold Bassetlaw.

Political Labour5:22am Ed Miliband secures 11,780 majority in Doncaster North with UKIP in second place.




5.15am: Nottingham North result expected in ten minutes or so.

5.14am: Result expected shortly in Ashfield.

5.03am: BROXTOWE: Anna Soubry wins it for Conservative by at least 4,000 votes. Labour come second with 19,876. UKIP with 5,674. Lib Dems with 2,120.


Political Liberal-Democrats4.52am: Nick Clegg holds seat in Sheffield Hallam after earlier worries. Finally some better news for Lib Dems.





4.37am: Vince Cable loses seat in Twickenham for Lib Dems. Tania Mathias wins for Tories.

4.32am: Boris Johnson holds Uxbridge & Ruislip South for Conservatives. Majority of 10,695.

4.22am: Conservative candidate for Broxtowe, Anna Soubry, has a quick chat with Notts TV.


maggie throup conservative erewash4.07am: EREWASH: Conservatives hold with a majority of 7.4%. Maggie Throup with the seat.




4.03am: Rumours are circulating that Ashfield will not be declared until 6am.

3.57am: East results will be the first of those declared in Nottingham. Counting continues.

Nottingham count

3.49am: Counting in progress at Rushcliffe.


3.46am: Vote turnout at Nottingham East comes in at 58.7%, 60,474 people.

3.41am: In Bassetlaw, counting begins.

Election- Nottingham South Candidate Lillian Greenwood

3.34am: 43,699 voters verified in Nottingham South – a turnout of 63.3%. That’s about 3% higher than in 2010. Labour’s Lillian Greenwood set to fight for her seat.




3.27am: The count can now start in Nottingham North. Turnout of 53.6%

3.24am: Counting has started in Rushcliffe. Conservative expected to hold ‘safe’ seat.

3.21am: Labour’s Nick Palmer arrives at the count in Broxtowe. Last time he lost the seat by 0.7% Result expected soon.


3.11am: Gedling declaration expected within the hour. Labour optimistic, but it will be very close.

3.01am: Vote verification complete in Broxtowe. The highest turnout since 1997.

Election- Bassetlaw Candidate John Mann2.56am: John Mann, Labour candidate for Bassetlaw, says he is confident of holding the seat.




2.46am: Sherwood result will not be expected until around 9am.

Election- Broxtowe Candidate Anna Soubry

2.44am: Notts TV News reporter told that Anna Soubry looks certain to retain her seat in Broxtowe.




2.40am: SNP gain from Labour in Motherwell & Wishaw with a majority of around 12,000.

2.34am: Labour cabinet minister has told Sky news that he expects it to be a “very, very bad night” for his party.

2.26am: Ashfield candidate Gloria De Piero gives an update to Notts TV.

Political Labour

2.22am: Labour’s Douglas Alexander has lost his seat in Paisley to SNP.





2.19am: Count currently underway in Newark. Result expected within the next couple of hours. Conservatives expected to hold.

2.11am: SNP candidate Alan Brown wins in Kilmarnock & Loudoun with 55.7% of the vote.

02:05am: George Galloway has been reported to the police for breaking election law by tweeting the results of his party, Respect, before voting ended. Rumours suggest that he may lose his seat in Bradford West to Labour.

02:02am: Counting has begun in Sherwood. Rumours that a recount may take the result past 9am.

01:56am: Rumours at Gedling count suggest that Labour candidate, Vernon Coaker, could lose his seat. He won the 2010 election with a 3.9% majority.


Political Labour


01:23am: Notts TV reporters: Rumours at the #NottinghamSouth count that Labour’s Lilian Greenwood may lose her seat tonight.

00:01am: Notts TV’s Christian Hewgill says Labour predicted to hold Ashfield.

 Video: Christian Hewgill reporting from the count in Ashfield



Political Conservative

00:59am: Conservatives hold Putney in London and Liberal Democrats, for the first time tonight, hang on to their deposit.


Political Conservative

00:48am: Conservatives hold Swindon North with 22.6% majority. UKIP make gains and Liberal Democrats lose heavily.

00:28am:  Lord Ashcroft says a third of people only made up their mind who they were voting for in the last week.


Election- Broxtowe Candidate Anna Soubry

00:22am: BBC says Anna Soubry, Conservative, (pictured above) is expected to hold Broxtowe.

00:09am: Returning officer at Sherwood has said there has been a high turnout as counting commences.

23:57pm: John Collins. political expert and broadcaster, will be on Notts TV tomorrow analysing all of tonight’s results. Here are his top five crucial seats to watch:

23:39pm: Counting begins in Nottingham North. This was convincingly won by Labour in 2010 and they are expected to win again this time.



Image: Votes begin to be counted for the Nottingham North constituency

Political Labour

23:28pm: Labour hold Sunderland West and Liberal Democrats lose deposit again. There’s a theme developing here…

23:26pm: Count begins for Broxtowe.

Broxtowe election count

 Image: Votes begin to be counted in Broxtowe


Political Labour

23:17pm: Labour hold Sunderland Central and Liberal Democrats lose deposit again.

23:05pm: Paddy Ashdown’s hat is now trending on twitter after he said he would eat “his own hat” if the exit poll predictions are right. It also has its own account @paddys_hat.

Political Labour

22.51pm:  Sunderland South held by Labour. UKIP came second and the Liberal Democrats ,with less than a thousand votes, came last with not enough votes to get back their deposit.

All parties or independents standing for a seat in parliament have to pay a £500 deposit. They have to secure at least 5% of the vote to get this money back.


22.38pm: First national result expected imminently from Sunderland.

22.29pm: You Gov exit poll shows far closer result then earlier poll.

22.17pm:  Nicola Sturgeon says to treat exit poll with “HUGE caution”.

22.00pm: Exit poll results:

Conservatives – 316 seats

Labour – 239 seats

SNP – 58 seats

Liberal Democrats – 10 seats

Plaid Cymru – 4 seats

UKIP – 2 seats

Green – 2 seats

Others -19 seats

Conservatives would remain short of a majority.

21.14pm: Voting closes in less than an hour and the count will begin.

16.55pm: Power has returned to Strelley polling station in Broxtowe after being struck by thunder and lighting and losing electricity at around 2.45pm.

16.38pm: A bolt of lighting has struck a polling station in Strelley, Broxtowe – interrupting voting and leaving the polling station without electricity. Broxtowe Borough Council staff are working to restore power. Ruth Hyde, Chief executive of Broxtowe Borough Council took to twitter to report the unusual event.

16.13pm: Twitter goes crazy for dogs at polling stations. Forget who is going to be the next Prime Minister voters are more concerned with what to do with their dogs. This morning saw twitter users debating whether they can take their dogs with them to vote with the hashtag #dogsatpollingstations and sharing pictures of their pooches at polling stations.

07.00am: Polling stations open across Nottinghamshire.

Welcome to the Notts TV’s live election blog. We will be reporting on all the news in the 2015 election overnight. Our reporters are at every Nottinghamshire count. Check here for their reports and on the Notts TV on demand service.

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