Affordable homes for Lenton site which has been vacant for 10 years

The plans for Lenton (credit Nottingham City Council)
By Anna Whittaker, Local Democracy Reporter

A derelict Nottingham site described as a “blot on the landscape” will be turned into dozens of affordable homes despite parking concerns raised by residents in Lenton.

Nottingham City Council approved plans for 36 homes in Prospect Place in Lenton at the planning committee meeting on September 21.

Six councillors voted in favour and two abstained – on the condition that the comments raised in the meeting were considered by planners as the application moves forward.

The two, three and four bed properties will be built for Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) and will be available for affordable rent and shared ownership.

Council officer Rob Percival said the site, which was cleared in around 2012, had been “a blot on the landscape and local community for many years”.

Applicant Mr A Marjerrison applied to build the properties which will be 100% electrically powered and heated with air source heat pumps.

There would be one parking space per property and 17 parking spaces for short stay use.

But serious parking concerns were raised by the Lenton Centre – a community-run gym and swimming pool – which put forward a petition opposing the plans, signed by 100 people.

Councillor Sally Longford (Lab) councillor for the area, said: “It is in many ways really welcome and I am glad it is social housing.

“It [the site] has caused loads of problems over the years and been a source of lots of fly tipping.

“However, I am sympathetic to the needs of the Lenton centre and the concerns about parking.

“There is a huge amount of parking pressure there with students who have more cars generally than the residents.

“At the moment I don’t feel like I can support this.”

Residents submitted comments on the plans, saying: “The area is already busy with a school, community centre and insufficient parking for existing residents.

“The parking situation deteriorated when the new housing was built and this proposal will make it almost impossible to use the Lenton Centre, especially for disabled people and their workers/carers if this scheme is approved.

“I am concerned about the number of plots and impact on volume of moving traffic and parking in the area.

“The proposal will result in a loss of approximately 50% of on-street car parking on Willoughby and Harley Streets, which will be detrimental to users of the Lenton Centre and Quakers swimming school.

“Roads in the area are often blocked, particularly when the students are present, making it unsafe to cycle/walk.”

Councillor David Trimble (Lab) said there was a “serious parking issue in the vicinity”.

He said: “In terms of overall design of the estate it seems to me that too many extra properties have been squeezed into a tight space which exacerbates the parking situation unnecessarily.”

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