Designers under fire over ‘shocking’ wording on Beeston shop planning art

The planning development is for The Hive in Beeston. See the unedited images below.

An artist’s impression of a planned development in Beeston has caused controversy on social media after some people said they thought it included racist language.

The drawing submitted as part of plans for the Hive, a flats and shops development on Ellis Grove, includes a mock-up of an imaginary shop with the name ‘BlackCurrant’.

However in one image the placement of a ‘no entry’ sign covers the name so it reads ‘BlackC***’.

See the unedited image below. Some people may find it offensive.

Some said the design by Swish Architecture was ‘shocking’ while another wondered if the placement was a deliberate joke.

Dan Bassford said on Facebook: “Indeed. That is shocking, not funny.”

Matt Turpin said: “I can’t believe this was an accident. It’s awful.”

Daniel Shipman said: “I see an accurate rendering of how the building would look, from that view, with these shops. People need to quit crying wolf with the race card.”

Dino Labbate, director of Swish Architecture, based in The Park, said: “We weren’t aware of it at all and are updating it now.

“It wasn’t an office joke, we’re not racist- that’s just where the lamp post is, it wouldn’t be good publicity to do it intentionally.

“Both us and the client approved of the designs, and we went over it loads.

“We just didn’t know, these things happen.”


The design is part of the project submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council for approval.

Swish have since updated their impressions, with a statement that said:

“The error was not intended nor was it an office joke and has only been pointed out to us this afternoon.

“We are a dedicated team of designers that take our projects seriously and our professionalism is paramount.

“The mis-represented signage was not picked up by my team, myself, my client or the local authority planning department and has only been brought to our attention this afternoon.

“In response to social media comments, I apologise if we have offended anyone as this was not our intention.”

The corrected image