Bus driver refuses reward after catching runaway ferret

A bus driver has decided to donate his reward to an animal charity after rescuing a ferret that tried to board his bus.

Bus driver, Mitch Tuffield of Bestwood along with his colleague Alex Underwood from Rainsworth, managed to catch the animal and bring him to a nearby kennel, after the creature attempted to board an NCT bus in Strelley on Sunday.

3-year-old ferret Loki, wandered 4 miles from his home in Bulwell, causing panic for owner Carmen Metcalfe, 27, of Hollydene Crescent.

Carmen said: “I realised he went missing about quarter to ten and I was in a bit of a state. There was a bit of a mix up when we first got to the kennels as well. They brought out a different ferret and I started crying again.”

Luckily for Carmen she was soon reunited with her four legged friend. She later went over to the bus drivers house to try and give him a reward.

We went round to his house and met his wife. He wouldn’t take the £100 reward we offered him and wanted to donate it to animal charity. He was really lovely.

Carmen Metcalfe, Loki’s owner.

The other bus driver involved, Alex was caught up in the chaos that little Loki had caused.

He said: “We had a layover and we were just having a chat. Something furry came bobbling along and I thought it was just a scarf in the wind.

“Next thing I know it looks up at me, and he glides off under the bus.”

ferret route map

  The route that Loki travelled on Sunday.

Alex and Mitch managed to safely sweep Loki into a cardboard box, but not after it had caused disruptions to the bus service.

Alex explained the situation to the bus company and passengers waiting to get on the bus as to why the service had been delayed. Everyone seemed to have been very amused by the ordeal.

Loki is now safe and sound back in Bulwell, under the watchful eye of owner, Carmen.


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