Charity single written and performed by over 800 Nottingham schoolchildren released

Video: Nottingham schoolchildren perform their new single live

Nottingham Music Hub have worked with over 800 children from local schools to write, sing and produce a charity single, which was released today (Thursday November 24).

The pupils from 29 Nottingham schools helped to write and sing the song, called ‘If Every Child Could’.

The proceeds will help fund the Nottingham Music Service‘s various music projects for students and young people in the city.

The idea started in December last year, when a school teacher suggested it would be a great idea for Nottingham Music Service to release a charity single.

It then took over eight months for the song to be made and released.

The children were asked to write song lyrics and design a poster, which the Music Hub then went through and pieced together into a bigger song.

They then gave workshops to the pupils to do the recording, training them to sing the song.

Video: The full music video of the charity single.

Ian Burton, CEO of The Music Hub, said: “We’re trying very hard to provide the best possible music opportunities for young people in Nottingham so that they can play instruments, so they can sing and they can play in ensembles.

“We’ve got lots of really good stuff going on in Nottingham but we also know we need to support it even more.

“If every child could learn to play a musical instrument and get the great joy out of being musical and making music then I’d be happy with that.”

The single was released this morning, and children from various schools involved in the project have been performing around Nottingham to mark this.

Priya Patel, the Hub’s financial administrator, said: “So far it’s been going really well, we’ve just had a performance at the train station.”

The children also performed the song at Capital One, the Victoria Centre and Old Market Square.

They will also be performing at the Albert Hall on December 5 and 13, as part of Music Hub’s Christmas in the City concert.

‘If every child’

If every child had someone to love, they wouldn’t need to cry.

If every child could be nice to each other, come on let’s help them try.

If every child could have something to eat, If every child could hit a beat,

If every child had the chance to dance, wouldn’t it be great.

If every child in the world could be equal, if every child in the world could be friends.

Could go to school without feeling hungry, if every child could laugh every day,

The world would be a better place

If every child could have a home, and have good friends not be alone,

If every child could own a bed, a place to rest their head,

If every child in the world could be happy, if every child could stand up walk tall.

If every child could have a future, and never feel alone.


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