Civil War remembered in Nottinghamshire with £6 million history project

A unique multi-million pound project has been launched in Newark that will allow residents and visitors to relive the English Civil War.

The project involved a series of state-of-the-art short films that have been produced documenting the events that unfolded in Nottingham during the infamous war back in the 1600s.

Newark was at the heart of the war during this time and the short films – that have been put together by Nottingham filming company Spool – will bring the area’s rich history to life through a mobile phone and tablet app that has also been produced as part of the project.

A number of boards have been installed across the area at key historical locations that provide key information as to what happened in that spot during the Civil War.

There will then be a code on the boards that if scanned with the app on a mobile phone or tablet will play a short film – detailing a scene that occurred in that specific place.


People can scan the signs using a mobile phone or a tablet to see one of the short films.

“In terms of how the app works, you are at the location, you have downloaded the app before you come. You put on the AR viewfinder, get your view in shot and then you will hear the stories,” said Deborah Johnson, the project’s manager.

Massive challenge

“It’s been a huge project for us,” added Mary Kearns, producer at Spool Films.

“It’s been a massive challenge over the last summer to produce 28 films in total. Some form part of the town trail.”

Some of the short films that have been produced will be exhibited at Newark’s new National Civil War Centre that is set to open later this year.

It is hoped that both the app launch and the new centre will help boost tourism in the market town and enlighten local residents on the place that they live.

More information on the new centre can be found on its website here.

“The app is going to launch at the start of May and visitors to Newark will be able to see the films we have made in the next few weeks.”

Short films

Commenting on the short films that have been produced by local firm Spool, director Carolina Giammetta said: “They are all real stories either of real characters during that time or fictional characters.

“What is really exciting about these films is that they aren’t just about Queen Henrietta Maria, but it’s about the servant girl that served her on that day.

“It’s looking at the people that would have lived in the town during that time.”

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