Could you change a life?


The Looking After Each Other campaign is encouraging people to do a little bit more to help others.

Some of the children in our city simply need a smile and a kind word. Others need a higher level of care and support. And some need people who are going to change their lives forever. If you would like to do something to help a child or young person then there is a range of things that will make a difference.

Everyday things

As part of the Looking After Each Other campaign, Nottingham’s Primary Parliament children discussed the type of words and language they would like to hear.

They even came up with their very own A to Z of kind words and are making an effort to use these every day.


Why not make a conscious effort to say something nice to someone today – even a complete stranger?

Supporting children

Could you help children to get the best start in life? Why not help Small Steps Big Changes (SSBC). This special programme works with 0-4 years olds and their families in Aspley, Arboretum, Bulwell and St Ann’s.

As a helper with SSBC you will be helping to run a range of activities to give children and parents more opportunities to have fun, build confidence and learn new skills. SSBC is looking for people with experience of parenting to make a difference for local children.

To help in Aspley or Bulwell contact Richard Owen by emailing or call 07771 348 655. To help in Arboretum or St Ann’s please contact Sonja Austin-Mepham on or call 07966 653 022.

Safe Families for Children works hand-in-hand with children’s services to link families in need with local volunteers who can offer them help and support. When a crisis strikes a family with children, its effects can be devastating. Many of us would turn to relatives and friends for support but some families can be really isolated with nobody there to help them.

Stabilising families before they reach a breaking point is key to reducing the number of children who need to go into care. Safe Families provides Family Friends, Host Families and Resource Friends to help while parents get back on their feet. Find out more here.

Be a life-changer!


You can make the biggest difference to a child by providing a loving stable foster home. Nottingham has children of all ages and from a diverse range of backgrounds who need foster homes. A stable family environment provides a strong foundation which can give children and young people the chance to aspire to great things.

With the number of children coming into care at an all-time high, we urgently need more foster carers to come forward. Fostering may be unlike anything you have ever done before. There is no one type of person who makes a good foster carer. However, certain experiences, skills and abilities are essential.

Find out how you can help at

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