Couple forced to cancel wedding after double booking error

A Stapleford couple have been forced to postpone the happiest day of their lives after a double booking at Bulwell TA Centre. 

Chris Wilson, 39, from Stapleford, was set to marry Sarah Savage, 28 on September 5 with their venue organised at the TA Centre in Bulwell.

The couple have an eight-month-old daughter called Lilly-May and have been busy planning all the arrangements for their big day.

However, Mr Wilson recently received a phone call from the TA Centre, who told him that the venue was no longer available as the army were taking it over for a military dinner.

East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (RFCA), which runs the centre, have apologised for what is believed to be an administrative error.

Chris is a Commercial Technician for Sandicliffe, Stapleford and Sarah is a barmaid at the Equalized Working Men’s club.

This news left the couple devastated and has also meant that Chris and Sarah have had to cancel their honeymoon.

It’s horrible. Sarah is very upset about it. 

Chris Wilson, Groom.

Unfortunately, Chris and Sarah are on a very tight budget and were going to prepare the venue themselves, meaning they can’t afford to splash out on another venue.

Chris said: “We were going to do our own catering, our own disco, everything. It was all paid for but then the centre called us telling us the army was taking it over.

“They did offer us Carlton TA centre but that’s too far away. We can’t afford the buses to take everyone there and it’s not really suitable for us.”

Chris Wilson

Picture: Chris, Sarah and baby Lilly-May.

Chris and Sarah are now looking for somewhere else to have their wedding reception but are struggling for financial reasons. They estimate that they are set to lose around £3000.

Chris has took to twitter to appeal for anyone that may be able to help them out.

If you would like to help Chris and Sarah on their special day, you can contact them on 07989 202793.


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