Fans react as Notts County continues search for named sponsor for Meadow Lane

Meadow Lane could have its name changed

Fans have been reacting to Notts County’s search for a named sponsor for Meadow Lane.

The Magpies have played at their current ground since 1910 which the stadium has been called ever since.

But owner and chairman Alan Hardy’s Year 1 Review and Report outlining ‘growth’ and ‘the end goal’ said one of the key aims for the future is to create financial stability with a target of doing so by 2022.

The target is to ‘build a financially viable self-supporting and sustainable business model’ with one of the steps to how this will be achieved being ‘seek stadium sponsorship partner’, according to the report.

However if the stadium is sponsored and the name changed, the club want the sponsors to reference Meadow Lane in the new title.

Fans have been reacting to the proposal on Twitter with mixed reviews.

Twitter user Dan said: “Don’t mind this at all. To the fans it will always be Meadow Lane. Free money. Just maxmise [sic] any deal offered to us and we’re sound.”

The majority of fans who have Tweeted about the potential change have said they would back the move if it generated more revenue for Notts County.

However some have not been as positive about the move.

Twitter user Kieran said: “I’m all for sponsorship and bringing income to the club but this goes too far imo [in my opinion], takes away the identity of Meadow Lane.”

A statement from Notts County said: “As the world’s oldest Football League club we are tremendously proud of our heritage.

“Meadow Lane, having been our home since 1910, is a huge part of our unrivalled history.

“Like any football club – or business for that matter – we have to explore every opportunity to generate revenue however and are looking for a sponsor.

“They must not only meet the value we have set but also be accepting of our wishes to retain a reference to ‘Meadow Lane’ within the stadium’s title.

“We have held several discussions with a number of businesses but our search continues as we look to strike a delicate balance between maintaining our proud tradition and generating significant revenue for the club.”

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